Icegram Overview

Icegram Engage is a dedicated WordPress plugin to market your brand through email correspondence. Harness the power of communication with (potential) customers & deliver stellar results. Optimised conversion assists engagement, generate leads & CTA to really drive sales effectively. Encourage subscriptions via funneling & reduce or even eliminate bounces as well as abandoned carts. Promote successful campaigns with scheduled cum sequenced time based event triggers to send messages & push notifications to alert plus update customers just at the ideal moment. Direct people to welcoming & bespoke landing pages that inculcate visually appealing aspects to lure visitors. Interactive preformatted opt-in cum survey forms intrigue customers to share their valuable contact details. Be empowered with this information to formulate data driven informed decision making, hence improving strategic outcomes. Understand demographic metrics in the automated process as well to augment segmentation. Specifically target audiences with logical algorithms encoded to be responsive & react to customer feedback or actions. Personalise templates, customise the journey with an immersive experience.

Deploy A/B split link testing to gauge performance & educate yourself on the progress made with report analytics. With various methods to inform or reach customers, including pop-ups, overlays, blocks, bars, interstitials to name but a few, there’s really nothing stopping you from impressing your audience. Geolocation targeting, infinite contact points & animations all further reinforce your efforts. Sync & synergise this with CRM stats to drive traffic towards your site quickly and efficiently. Allow customers to share feedback with options to leave reviews to boost your rankings & ratings. Apply SEO in conjunction with this for optimal results. Offer discounts & loyalty points, as well as running competitions with prizes to create incentivising schemes for retention. The integrated platform allows you to publish & post announcements via social media channels too. Newsletters & ebooks create a curiosity for what’s next. Utilise blogs to enrich your outreach by evoking interest by readers who then become further inclined to explore your products or services. Guide/support customers whilst controlling access permissions for various site sections to ensure security, privacy as well as consistent data integrity.

Neat nevertheless essential live saving features including autosave to WordPress, review submissions prior to going live & exporting to spreadsheet formats eases the workload. The intelligible interface avoids the spambot trap & blacklisting for high deliverability. Curate lightweight workflows which are system & requirement agnostic for supportive as well as wide compatibility with embeddable widgets. Continuously create new revenue streams to boost ROI, whilst managing distribution lists to ensure hygiene & omitting invalid mailing addresses. Save time & money by monitoring metrics including CTRs. Uphold your reputation this way.

Despite this plethora of brilliant features, the practical operability & functionality is somewhat patchy. For instance, the overall targeting potency is limited by the average at best schematics which lack advanced protocol. Furthermore, their templates aren’t particularly alluring, which makes it difficult to actually attract customers. Comparatively, other rivals may end up providing you more for your buck.

Icegram Features

  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile Responsive design
  • Well Timed Popups
  • Sleek Action Bars
  • Attention-Grabbing Toast Notifications
  • Appealing Slide-in Messengers


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $2.25

  • Trail Days: 14 days

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