Papaly Overview

Papaly is a personalised bookmark library. It allows you to organise your favorites into different categories, also known as boards. Whilst trying to visit their website to see for myself, I was actually horrified to realise that they impose you to either try or buy their software. Hence I was paralysed & unable to browse for any information on their website. This is disappointing & thoughtless, I’d say. Anyhow, let’s review the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Being a management & discovery tool, it allows easy plus quick access to the required file
  • Easy collection, drag & drop user interface on a unified dashboard including RSS feeds


  • Well, as aforementioned, their website doesn’t actually allow first-time visitors or prospective users to just read up on the offerings. Instead, they get straight into it! Is this supposed to be some sort of hardcore sales tactic?! Such marketing strategies are usually unwelcome, as we can’t see any theory: just start using it!
  • Its framework is dated & support is no longer existent. Apparently, it’s just run by the CEO now. The software is becoming increasingly sluggish, failing to keep up with evolving & revised standards
  • Only one monotonous layout option is available, with no tagging or subcategory facility

Overall, Papaly is a good concept in theory & has some useful features to offer. Where it fails is its skeletal infrastructure & what appears to be a neglected interface, which is in desperate need of both a facelift plus an update!

Papaly Features

  • Share & Publish
  • Co-ownership and Private Boards
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Ability to turn off New Tab and Results in Search
  • RSS reader and feed
  • Populate Boards from Browser’s Bookmark
  • Leave notes inside Categories and Bookmarks
  • Sync Searches and Bookmarks Cross Browsers
  • Explore Content
  • New Tab Speed Dial Functionality
  • Drag and Drop Searches with Bookmarks
  • Customizable Themes
  • Bookmark Manager Edit Mode
  • Rename Categories and Links
  • Display Name Customization
  • Real time collaboration


Available on: Free
  • Starting Price: Free