RingCentral Overview

Bringing all customers & employees together, especially during the new remote format of working life…RingCentral is here! Be it video conferencing, messaging, or even the underrated traditional phone call: all in one convenient app. Open to being accessed from almost any device, RingCentral’s flexible & secure approach to virtual meetings is unparalleled. With almost full SLA uptime, you can be comfortable with their robust security protocol.

With analytics, various integrations & customer engagement frameworks with call center type protocol, there’s really nothing more comprehensive than RingCentral. With cloud presence, webinar & team collaborative capabilities, this is the real deal. What’s more is that with regular performance reports and telecom infrastructure, you can easily gauge just how satisfied your customers actually are.

This is all satisfying, however, let’s consider the drawbacks. Firstly, many users report that there’s an inconsistency between various platforms, be it mobile or desktop version apps. This affects performance, availability of features & resource management. Secondly, pricing is obscure, as often taxes aren’t included (which can be misleading for some). Invoicing & the general interface is perplexing, especially for new inexperienced users. Finally, the phone infrastructure is glitchy & consequently, call drops plus unaccounted transactions ensue. For the price then, this isn’t a great prospect at all. Perhaps if RingCentral addressed these avoidable issues, it’d be able to restore its customer base faith soon.

RingCentral Features

  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Call Logging
  • Contact Management
  • Archiving & retention
  • Call Monitoring
  • Employee Directory
  • Audio / Video Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Event triggered actions
  • Auto-Dialer
  • Unlimited video and audio meetings with screen sharing on desktop and mobile (100 people per meeting)
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • High-definition (HD) voice
  • Visual voicemail and voice mail-to-email
  • Team collaboration
  • Professional implementation
  • Quality of Service Reports
  • Voicemail transcription to text


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $29.99/month

  • Trail Days: 30