Carts Guru Overview brings you advanced marketing automation solutions, such as multichannel & ecommerce engagement tools. With specific & robust workflows, it’s no wonder that they’re pretty successful at doing so. Let’s see their features:

• Combine social media cum messaging apps to gauge the likelihood of customer visits. Then target them just at the right moment!
• Always seize sales opportunities by gently yet effectively pursuing leads for conversion. Create awareness & follow up with after sales support to ensure retention. Job done!
• Implement informed decisions based on data intelligence with analytical & tracking reports. Grow your business with insights into site & order activity.
• Boost your customers’ worth sustainably via consistent & personalised campaigns, according to their custom preferences

Boost your CTRs via innovative notifications & be reactive to customer trends. Smart segmentation allows you to reestablish your inactive contacts by revitalising their interest in your site. VIP arenas & widget linked growth also add to the complementary methods to drive your business. Post purchase campaigns also strengthen your relationships with customers, fostering trust. Ecommerce dashboard metrics educate you about all customer buying behaviour & what gaps exist in your protocol for improvement. Multilingual templates & product recommendations attract customers from various regions.

There are however undeniable disadvantages of using, as functionality appears to have taken a back seat. For instance, the contacts cannot be filtered or arranged in a specific listing order. This wastes time & creates unnecessary hassles in obtaining the pertinent information. Furthermore, the email template editor restricts the level of modifications that you can make. Occasionally, it can be slow to upload pages too. Overall then, its features are impressive on paper. Unfortunately however, some basic things appear to have been overlooked whilst designing it though.

Carts Guru Features

  • API
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customizable Branding
  • Discount Management
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Website Analytics


Available on: Free, Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $99/month

  • Trail Days: 30 days