Zoho Writer Overview

As the name suggests, Zoho Writer is simply an online word processing software package, allowing users to write & modify documents online. These can subsequently be saved to the cloud, allowing distribution. So what’s new in this, then? There are many other more popular choices which do the same thing. Well, a unique feature that attracts many users, especially from a niche audience is the fact that this permits multiple users to access & edit a document simultaneously. This is especially imperative & useful for working on projects and is a godsend for large teams in businesses who are collaborating. All major formats are supported, namely doc, odt, rtf, HTML & also further capabilities, such as jpg, gif, png as well sxw. This extension of compatibility to import word documents makes this quite a versatile tool indeed.

In addition to these perks, there are a few other pleasing features too. These are:

Zia the writing assistant (I know, almost every word package has its own version of this, however, Zia goes a step further to suggest readability & contextual syntax

Review & approval tracking tools to ensure error-free & truly proofread texts prior to submission: what a lifesaver, I hear you say!

WordPress integration creates a smooth transition from the skeletal structure to a finished site or blog post…directly

Automation: sign collection & CRM integration
It is generally free to use, however can be upgraded to a professional version at a nominal cost of $ 2 -10 per month, depending on plans & individual or commercial use.

It’s quite fascinating to see how AI can be efficiently deployed to transform a word processor into an interactive package with live feedback. This optimises the user experience. Yet, this doesn’t come without its qualms. Read on to find out further…

Hey, but I thought you just said that Zoho Writer is great, right? Well yes, correct. Nevertheless, there are a few points that should be mentioned to ensure fairness to our readers with this candid & impartial overview. These are:

Some users report that this lacks a spell checker, although this appears to be contrary to Zia, the writing assistant & its editing prowess, as aforesaid

Again, users do report that its minimum system running requirements appear higher than compared to other word packages, as it appears to run sluggishly on older machines or some mobile devices

It does suffer from some reported bugs, making it a little fiddly to operate at times, especially when scrolling pages, reviewing changes, etc. This results in some stability issues, causing lags & sometimes even crashing.

Furthermore, certain features such as the review option are not always easy to find & toggle on/off. This suggests that Zoho Writer could benefit from developing a more user-friendly interface.

Thus, Zoho Writer does shine with a few neat features, namely simultaneous live multi-participant editing & reviewing your work for you. However, apart from that, its use does indicate the need for a better-honed product overall, as this at least partly negates the positive points.

Zoho Writer Features

  • Grammar Check
  • Sentence formatting
  • Style Editor
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Content management
  • Document Automation
  • Document Storage
  • Electronic Signature
  • Email Alerts
  • File sharing
  • Search/Filter


Available on: Free, Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: ₹300/month

  • Trail Days: 15