Reviewshake Overview

Need a review management platform that handles customer feedback in your favor? Reviewshake may just have your answer. With their AI integrations, machine learning & NLP, automate processes to increase efficiency. Gauge your competition & deploy their end-to-end solutions to reach customers. Data aggregators collate & analyse stats to improve fidelity, rotate IPs & other tool-based technicalities. Ecommerce & insights help to segment procedural workflows. This encourages engagement, connection, conversion & retention of customers. Receive real-time updates on what customers are saying about your site, its products & services. Strategic reporting creates a dependable reference platform to monitor progress & identify areas of improvement. This consulting helps to drive demand & supply synchrony for better marketing.

Widgets procure reviews & create an interactive environment for customers. Follow their journey to understand the experience. Acknowledge & respond to any concerns to restore faith in disappointed customers & publicise this support on social media channels. Revenue streams are unified to build ROI by seeking opportunities to reach, satisfy & reward customers with questionnaires, resolution plus loyalty/recognition, respectively. Incentivise buying with discounts & coupon offers. Finance your brand with intelligence based decisions to negotiate with investors. Forecast your turnover & account for overheads. Evaluate your worth with modelling to systematically synergise your operations & protect assets. Maintain hedge funds & harness private equity options this way. Actuarial insurance based risk probability applications also rely upon this.

Algorithmic & API developer features enable coding to serve customer sales strategies as well as appeal to them. SEO & white labelling polishes your brand awareness & image. Boost interest, generate performance enhancements & establish agency partnerships as well as affiliate marketing. Reviewshake is a scalable resource to raise flexibility in adapting to various business settings.

Their online presence & own reviews are generally good, although it must be stated that some users have experienced unethical pricing practices by Reviewshake. Whilst this cannot be overlooked, their fortnightly free plan may elucidate some more light. Be assured that Reviewshake hosts many potent features & hopefully great experiences will enuse.

Reviewshake Features

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Email distribution
  • Embeddable Survey
  • Online Survey


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $39/month

  • Trail Days: 14 days