GetLark Overview

GetLark is a collaborative developer-focused hosting service to easily share your ideas by granting access to any nominated individual. Offering pure SSD-based storage ensures fast and reliable data transfer and output. With infinite domains and databases, plus Litespeed technology, GetLark puts you on course to excel in all arenas. Providing SSH and premium 24/7 support adds to the incentives to consider opting for their services. Their bidaily backup with a week’s worth of archived content can be restored at any point to recover data. The Lets Encrypt feature augments this process to safeguard vital information. Client management services are also offered, as is DDoS protection plus 1 touch software installation. Even their migration process is seamless with no downtime, easy transition, and comprehensive coverage. Quick workflows and new hosting deployment, along with designing as well as setting up sites fast plus simplified and advanced webmail solutions all contribute to a harmonious unified package. Mobile optimisation and centralised stats improve accessibility across the platform. 

What’s more, is that you can create your very own customised and personalised bespoke plan to fulfill your needs. The commercial-grade infrastructure, 99.9% uptime SLA and regular updates using the best practices for better outcomes. This progressive approach also entails multiple datacentre locations throughout the US and Europe for dependable performance. API integrations, nominal server domain subscription renewals, and a free trial for a fortnight all make for a leap forward in customer-centricity. Reliable authorisation, password agnostic operation, straightforward client login and readable dashboards for all ensure an ergonomic experience and pleasant journey throughout the process. Their referral scheme incentivises inviting your friends via word of mouth, whilst controlled credentials protect vulnerable details from being viewed, distributed, and misused. 

With their pricier plans compared to their competitors and lack of pre-sales support, it does make one wonder whether GetLark is really worth investing in and pursuing. Only time will tell, so why not give their trial a go for two weeks and see what materialises.

GetLark Features

  • SSD For Speed
  • Automatic Back-Ups
  • Generous Free Hosting
  • Highly Affordable Plans
  • Seamless Connection with Clients
  • Data Centers Here and There
  • GetLark Customer Service


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $60

  • Trail Days: 14 days

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