GearHost Overview

GearHost is a specialised .NET framework and PHP cloud hosting service. Offering other protocols such as SQL, Node, and Classic ASP, this universal solution is certainly worth taking a look at. With their Instant Application Scaling, the interface enables your site to adapt to evolving requirements immediately. You can do this using a complimentary, default, or reserved web node with one-touch access without any hassle or impact. With robust database compatibility in a supportive and clustered environment, this is an ideal tool for all your hosting needs. Serving both free and paid subscriptions to use with remote management such as SSMS and MySQL Toolbox, there’s another reason to opt for GearHost. The lightweight and convenient Control Panel with great ergonomics help to organise your apps. Design, apply and scale at a touch of a button to personalise as well as customise as per your profile. This results in a bespoke configuration to maximise efficiency and performance.

The almost constant guaranteed uptime with web server nodal clusters (albeit on a shared or reserved basis) retains connectivity throughout each process. Install various apps quickly and publish your code over Git, activating multiple retrospective deployments for analysis. Their Two-factor authentication reinforces account security by incorporating your mobile device for confirmation. The agnostic and omnichannel version support ensures compatibility for all frameworks. Live app monitoring assures optimal performance whilst running and the DNS manager offers comprehensive master plus slave zone cover. SSL Support includes both IP and SNI-based certification by uploading your PFX files to safeguard against cyber attacks. Trusted network providers use reputable data centers with excellent infrastructure in terms of redundant power backup cum generation, multi tier-1 transit protocol, and 10 Gb-E connections for great hardware capacity. 

GearHost’s features can be disadvantageous in that only cloud-based platforms are available, as is the lack of a money-back guarantee (which is fairly commonplace currently). Furthermore, there are albeit isolated nevertheless horrendous cases of utter service failure and incorrect pricing. Be mindful of this, although their free trial plan does allow for you to explore first.

GearHost Features

  • Instant Application Scaling
  • Strong Database Support
  • Clean and Easy to Use Control Panel
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Git Publishing
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Live App Monitoring
  • SSL Support
  • DNS Manager
  • Multiple Version Support


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $5/month

  • Trail Days: 30 days

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