Frase Overview

The Frase AI tool can help you create articles that are keyword-rich, cover a variety of topics, and cater to the needs of potential customers. It uses natural language processing (NLP) so it knows what people search for online – all without needing human input! You just need some keywords or phrases in mind before running your analysis; after this happens, an algorithm will generate 250 words on each topic along with any other relevant information such as headings/subheadings needed depending upon how they want their article structured. This means there’s no unique angle required when using this service since everything has already been thought out by them beforehand thanks to Google Analytics data combined with machine learning techniques.

With Frase, you can write articles that read like they were written by an expert in the field. It’s not just about finding common topics for your work, but also making sure there are no key gaps between what makes good writing and how it should be judged within competition- which is where this software comes into its own!

In a world where we all struggle to stand out against competitors who post impressive pieces every day of the week (and sometimes even on weekends), achieving excellence has never been more difficult than now – especially if our skills don’t lie solely with wordsmithing; rather their power lies behind strong argumentation as well when presenting complex research or ideas concisely while still managing attention spans across such vast amounts media outlets available today.

The Import Content To Optimize feature allows you to quickly improve your content without having to do any of the work yourself. Simply enter a URL and Frase will take care of fixing all formatting errors, updating links where necessary, and remove duplicates so that visitors have an easier time reading through it. Plus with this easy-to-use function available in both editing tools as well on every single page created here at Local SEO Experts make sure everything about each article is optimized before being published or linked from anywhere online.

The Frase team is rolling out new features at such a rapid pace that it will only continue to get better.

Frase Buyers Guide

What is Frase used for?

Frase AI-powered tools help you identify the questions your target audience is asking online and quickly create content capable of answering those questions. With this ability, It can provide answers for confused site visitors who are looking to learn more about a certain topic or product.

Is Frase free to use?

Frase provides a free trial where you can do unlimited question research, create 5 documents, 1 crawl through Google Search Console, and a 30-day trial.

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What are the main features of Frase?

Frase is the future of commerce, designed to solve all your business needs. With its chatbot and eCommerce functionality, you can do everything from order processing or sales in-house with a single system! Process workflow automation means that no task will be too mundane for Frase’s abilities; it could also help out employees on their off hours if needed by providing assistance remotely through text message just like an assistant would at home balancing life while juggling responsibilities every day during weekdays only.

Why should I use Frase?

Frase’s content marketing and optimization tools, namely their TF*IDF feature in particular which provides you with the ability to write highly relevant articles for Google search engines. The combination of both NLP abilities, as well as semantic meaning, makes it easy for anyone who is interested in how they can rank higher without wasting time or money doing things inefficiently.

Frase Features

  • Chatbot
  • For eCommerce
  • For Sales Teams/Organizations
  • Process/Workflow Automation


Available on: Free
  • Starting Price: $39.99 /month

  • Trail Days: 14 days

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