StackPath Overview

StackPath is a CDN designed to accelerate your site, apps, downloads & streams. Fidelity delivery from a secure worldwide interface. Available as either an independent or Edge cloud platform, reduce latency by storing & buffering popular content in nearer locations. This creates an immersive user experience, with greater efficiency & reliability. Let’s explore some of their features in further detail:

  • Content Caching & Fast Purge: Optimise caching control. With large volume SSDs & innovative caching techniques, industry pioneered cache depth is achieved. This allows more content to be available longer at the edge. Instant Purge frees up bandwidth by not serving content upon deletion, irrespective of the removal path applied. One-touch button operation to ‘clear the cache’
  • Intelligent Caching: insight based caching policies retain content for longer
  • Customize Caching with Rules: finely tune methodology, duration of & also content location storage
  • Flexible Customization with EdgeRules™: control & customise content plus asset delivery, security protocol, SEO & mobile device optimisation
  • 301 Redirects: guide visitors to the desired destination with this Edge rule
  • Add/Remove Headers: design, edit, or delete headers prior to requests reaching the origin and/or reaching the connecting client
  • Cache Management: set a particular (no) cache rule based on the request info
  • URL Signing: protect your material with URL Signing at the Edge
  • Severless scripting, allowing customised logic
  • Segmented downloads, so you never lose your progress & resume whenever
  • Live analytics with advanced reporting & data points to observe plus divert traffic
  • Compression improves efficiency, while WebSockets plus certificates secure sites
  • Future-proofed modular infrastructure & heavy physical security surveillance for their centres

Their pricing structure is transparent too, however, there are some concerns about using this software. One user reports frequent downtime & unreliable service, worsened by poor support. Its restrictive & discriminatory approach to offer geolocation-dependent assistance is disappointing. Lastly, the fixed UTC & unconfigurable variables with only IP4 compatibility only add to this rigid theme. Is StackPath to be recommended then? Considering it warrants a credit card even to try, I’m not convinced that customer-centricity is something they appear to value. It’s a shame, as their focus on speed & security is commendable (or at least it is theoretically if you can get the thing to work!)

StackPath Features

  • Custom Rules Engine
  • Serverless Scripting
  • Built-in Asset Optimization
  • Origin Shield
  • SSL Certificate Management
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Direct Connect


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $10/month

  • Trail Days: 30 days