SourceForge Overview

Looking for an open-source platform to create your desired software? Well, SourceForge is just that. They cater to all genres of package development. Whether you’re seeking financial/accounting, CAD, CRM, entertainment, e-commerce they have it all. SourceForge taps into the business professional market with solutions offered for communications, analytics, IT & education to name but a few.

Creating a project using an existing template or searching/starting from scratch is not an issue. It offers a reliable sourcing model to easily download projects at your will. With free shell access and a wealth of discussion board info, it’s no wonder that SourceForge still remains one of the most popular software project platforms to go by. There’s decent support available and the ability to compare various options prior to commencing that all-important project.

Let’s see the limitations that this contender has, especially when ranked up against its rivals:

• The main issue is the somewhat outdated, retro, and convoluted UI, which can be off-putting for many. This is a real shame, for its functionality is incomparable with others, in many aspects.
• Certain types of business software are omitted from its ‘capture’ list or it lacks the specificity to categorise them.

So overall, SourceForge is still a seasoned contender in the software project industry worth considering. Its open market approach allows much flexibility to provide users with an almost infinite volume of software titles to browse & select. Where it could do with a bit of polishing is its archaic infrastructure though!

SourceForge Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth for Open Source projects
  • Extensive worldwide mirror network
  • Download statistics over time, by platform, and by region
  • Analytics are completely free
  • Categorize your project by topic, platform, license, etc
  • Open Source Directory
  • Users can review and recommend your project
  • Make your project stand out with screenshots and videos
  • Project admins can moderate discussion posts
  • Spam bot protection
  • Set posts to draft mode while working on them
  • Integrated Issue Tracking
  • Threaded discussion on tickets
  • Subscribe to tracker updates through email or rss
  • Host code with git, Mercurial (hg), or Subversion (svn)
  • Browser-based code browsing
  • Link commits to tickets and other artifacts
  • View color-coded commit diffs
  • View commit history as a graph
  • Syntax highlighting for code snippets
  • Browse wiki pages by name or tags
  • Custom wiki macros make common tasks easier


Available on: Free, Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $549/month

  • Trail Days: 14