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RevuKangaroo Overview

Online review management can be tedious, however with RevuKangaroo’s strategic system, watch your brand reach new heights. Do this by targeting a simple yet imperative resource which is integral to your reputation. What am I referring to here? Well customer feedback & reviews of course! Any successful business needs to satisfy its customers to ensure continuity & quality service. So let’s take a look at what these guys can offer you:

• Unify all info sources into one centralised platform
• Promote synergistic & symbiotic relationships between customers & employees
• Monitor the progress in terms of sales, marketing campaigns & scores
• Promptly address any concerns to alleviate resentment & retain custom
• Centralised integrations augment online presence & visibility on social media
• Email notifications to update & alert you on a live basis re reviews
• API & CRM unisons promote contact promotion plus serving customers better
• Protect & distribute data via the dashboard with embedded security protocol
• Maintain privacy & anonymity with pre filtering negative reviews prior to upload
• Opportunities to rectify poor customer experience & repave their journey
• Custom analysis & reporting to export intelligible data cum stats in varied formats
• Gain higher organic ranking with SEO & deployable ratings as per purchases

Despite this promising positive outlook, there have been some verified users who experienced poor support from RevuKangaroo. Furthermore, the interface can be complex, especially in terms of navigation. Their visual ergonomics are also arguably archaic which can be hindering for the workforce. Nevertheless, their features do serve to fulfil if not make your business excel, so you may consider enrolling. It’s a shame that there’s no gratis trial or package though…

RevuKangaroo Features

  • Response Management
  • Review Generation

RevuKangaroo Plans & Pricing in 2022

Available on: Free
  • Starting Price: $233

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    Price with Monthly Billing
    You're Losing 20% Saving
    One-Time $199 Setup Fee



    Price with Monthly Billing
    You're Losing 20% Saving
    One-Time $199 Setup Fee



    Price with Monthly Billing
    You're Losing 20% Saving
    One-Time $199 Setup Fee

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