Popplet Overview

Mind maps made easy by Popplet…need I say any more? Specifically designed for the student audience, this dedicated training platform harnesses the power of flow diagrams & mapping to promote retention. The best part is that with its proven results, this really works! With powerful audiovisual elements, interact with viewers & encourage participation as well as attention. Add creative workflows for enhanced learning efficiency & implement your lessons quickly to save time plus effort. The best part is the versatility of this platform: teach anywhere from little kids to college attending teens with the simple yet comprehensive infrastructural content available. Monitor syllabi timelines to track coverage of entire curricula. The multilingual capabilities support over 100 different languages to ensure omnichannel compatibility across various demographics. Live collaboration features enables remote teaching or training. Always be ready to share & distribute your material as well as exchange ideas or content.

Now coming onto their work related protocol, apply concepts quickly & collaborate with your team instantly. Leave comments & setup subscriptions for improved enrollment, be it a class or meeting. Popplet does have some issues though, mainly the lack of editing ability to revise a drawing or flow diagram. This is especially hindering for students during the learning process, which is both counterproductive & counterintuitive. Considering that Popplet is marketed as a bespoke learning platform, this is disappointing. Then again, its simplicity is worth considering as a USP & with the free package plus the nominally priced options, why not give it a try? You may just be pleasantly surprised…

Popplet Features

  • Copy & Paste Images
  • Zooming Functionalities
  • Generate Popples
  • Popple Management
  • Photo Capture
  • Add Texts
  • Activity Bar
  • Drawings on iOS Devices
  • Position Texts Anywhere
  • Font Size & Text Alignment
  • Annotation
  • Add Images & Videos
  • Drawing Tool
  • Add URL Links
  • Popplet Board


Available on: Free, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $1.99/month