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oeHealth Overview

oeHealth HMS (Hospital Management System) is an All-in-One software solution designed to streamline and enhance the operations of hospitals and healthcare facilities. oeHealth is developed on Odoo platform by Braincrew Apps, it offers a range of features aimed at improving patient care, administrative efficiency, and overall hospital management.

At its core, oeHealth HMS integrates various modules to cover the diverse needs of a healthcare institution. These modules typically include patient registration, appointment scheduling, electronic medical records (EMR), billing and invoicing, pharmacy management, inventory control, laboratory management, and reporting functionalities.

One of the key features of oeHealth HMS is its patient management module. This module allows hospitals to efficiently manage patient records from admission to discharge. It facilitates easy registration of patients, including capturing essential demographic information and medical history. Through the EMR system, healthcare providers can access and update patient records securely, ensuring continuity of care and improving decision-making processes.

Appointment scheduling is another vital aspect of the system. It enables hospitals to manage appointments effectively, minimizing waiting times and optimizing resource utilization. Patients can book appointments online or through the hospital\’s reception desk, with the system automatically assigning time slots based on availability. Additionally, automated reminders can be sent to patients to reduce no-show rates.

The billing and invoicing module simplifies financial transactions by automating billing processes and generating accurate invoices. It supports multiple payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and insurance claims. Integration with insurance providers allows for seamless processing of claims, reducing paperwork and administrative overhead.

Laboratory management capabilities streamline the workflow of diagnostic laboratories within the hospital. From sample collection to result reporting, the system ensures efficiency and accuracy at every step. Integration with diagnostic equipment allows for seamless transfer of test results, reducing manual errors and turnaround times.

Reporting and analytics tools provide administrators with valuable insights into hospital operations, patient demographics, revenue streams, and more. Customizable reports help stakeholders make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, resource allocation, and overall performance.

oeHealth HMS is designed with scalability and interoperability in mind, allowing it to adapt to the evolving needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Its open-source nature fosters collaboration and innovation within the healthcare community, driving continuous improvement and development.

In summary, oeHealth HMS is a robust and versatile solution that empowers hospitals to deliver high-quality care while optimizing processes and resources. By leveraging technology, it aims to transform healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes in the ever-changing landscape of modern healthcare.

oeHealth Features

  • Push notification
  • Windows
  • Online
  • Android

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