Key Benefits of Using Push Notification Software for Your Business

By Dhwani Madan | Push Notification

Many companies today use push notifications to engage their audiences. Push notifications are much more targeted than emails, and they are a great way to target your audience – the cost of push notifications is low and highly responsive. The greatest benefit of using push notifications is that they provide actionable data on how you’re doing with your audience, which allows you to take better measures for future engagement.

Push notifications can be used for a variety of benefits. One of the most prominent is the ability to promote products and services, especially special offers and discounts. Push notifications provide your company with an effective way to engage your audience while increasing your chances of increasing sales.
If you are managing an online business that sells products and services, then this article is for you. In it, you will find out how push notification software can be beneficial to your business. From increased customer satisfaction to increased sales, there are many reasons why this method of marketing is worth the investment.

How Push Notification Software Can Help Your Business

1. Speedy subscriber base collection

Following the installation of a push notification service, a website’s subscriber base begins to grow. The opt-in rate is usually about 10-15%. To subscribe, simply click the ‘Allow’ button in the service browser window.

The rapid increase of the subscriber base is due to this simple opt-in method. There’s no need to think about how to persuade a visitor to sign up. There is no need to provide any personal information. Filling out forms is far more time-consuming than this method.

However, we recommend delivering a welcome message to new subscribers as soon as they sign up. This will strengthen your relationship with your subscribers.

2. Increase in traffic

Push notifications are one of the best ways to get customers’ attention. They are designed to be short and catchy, so users can easily read them, even when they are busy or in a hurry. They usually consist of short messages that inform people about the latest offers of the brand. Some companies use them as reminders or alerts to their customers, while others send messages with information about new events, products, and website updates. Moreover, push notifications provide an opportunity for brands to promote their business more effectively since they have become a very popular marketing strategy for many companies. The number of subscribers who get these notifications will increase and so will the number of traffic coming from push notifications.

3. Statistics

Analyzing user growth is one of the most important parts of your push notification strategy. User growth is defined as the difference between how many subscribers you had two weeks ago and how many subscribers you have now. Tracking this number allows you to see how well your push campaign is doing and where it needs improvement.

For example, if you see that your user growth is low right after a push notification campaign, you will know that something in that campaign needs to be improved. The click rate could be too low or the content could be irrelevant.

The dashboard of the push notification service has many important statistics that help with your campaign. One statistic that is on a subscription report is how a subscriber base grows. This enables you to see how well your push campaign is doing and where it needs improvement.

4. Appearance diversity

A header, text, an image, and a link make up the fundamental format of a push notification. As long as you have these components, your message will be delivered to users’ devices.

For Windows and Android, Chrome and Opera provide rich push notifications with large graphics and extra buttons. This is a major advantage: if you have an image that speaks louder than words, a beautiful cover photo can be displayed in its entirety.

As a result, you can use interactive components to keep subscribers interested. This helps you to diversify your communications while also increasing their visibility and catchiness. Users are redirected to different pages using the Call-to-Action buttons, allowing you to follow their actions.

5. Audience segmentation

Customize messages for different groups instead of generating common material for all users. Clients can use push notification services to segment their lists. You can divide your subscribers into groups based on:

  • Browsers 
  • Operating systems 
  • Countries and cities

This information is gathered when a visitor signs up for a newsletter. Despite the service’s ease of use, it captures and saves metadata from the user’s device.

During the development of a push notification campaign, segmentation takes place. You can, for example, send a campaign just to Android smartphones.

6. Behavioral targeting

Targeting your push notifications has never been easier. With behavioral targeting, you can reach only those who have shown interest in the product or service you are promoting. If someone who subscribes to your messages has visited one of your pages and is tagged with a “winter jacket” tag, why would you send them a message with a summer offer? You would use the tag “summer-offer”, for example. In this case, only subscribers that have been to the winter jacket page would receive the message.

Behavioral Targeting and segmentation are crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. Push notification software enables you to target your push notifications based on subscriber behavior and not just location or language.

7. Cross-platform

Web push notification is a new technology that allows you to send messages directly to your audience, even if they are not on your website. These messages appear in a small pop-up window in the corner of the screen and can contain various types of content. You can use them for anything from informing about discounts and sales to informing about new content on the site.

The technology has reached a larger audience thanks to Google, Microsoft, and Apple’s support. Unlike push notifications, web push appears on both mobile and desktop platforms. As a result, the potential audience is at least twice as large, and no costly app development is required. The target audience itself is another advantage of web push notifications: people who receive such messages are more concerned with the content of your website than those who only receive email newsletters.

The messaging format itself is also very convenient – it’s easy to read and understand at a glance. At the same time, the user doesn’t need to open a browser tab or wait until an email message arrives in their inbox – this saves time and increases the chances that they will read your message without switching to other tasks. In addition, if you plan to build communication with users as part of your marketing strategy, this type of messaging allows you to get closer to them.

8. Personalized offers and triggered messages

Subscriber conversion and loyalty grow when you interact with them. You can provide a subscriber an alias (personal identification) via the REST API. When a person opts-in to receive push notifications, they are anonymous. However, if a subscriber clicks on a message and logs in to a website (assuming they’re already registered), the web push system will save their email, phone number, token, and other information. This enables you to communicate with a single subscriber and deliver them transactional or triggered notifications. You could want to send a notification when a member makes a purchase, for example.

9. Increased conversion rate

Website traffic and conversion rates are both boosted by push notification software. Passing through the sales funnel is aided by clear messages that correspond to user requirements. Push technology aids in the gradual promotion of your goods. It encourages a subscriber to return to a website regularly so that they may have a better understanding of your items with each visit. You keep them interested by providing them with the most recent news or special deals, for example. They can then assess the benefits of your business and make an informed decision.

 10. Easy to use

if you’re a marketer, you know that mobile is important. You know that it’s the fastest growing and most engaging channel. And you know that push notifications are one of the most effective ways to reach your audience in a personal, immediate way. But what you may not realize is that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a push notification provider. Here is a look at some of the key points to keep in mind.

While a push notification provider might seem complex at first glance, it should be very easy to set up and begin using. This is because all of the technology required to send push campaigns has already been developed by someone else. As such, marketers should be able to spend their time developing effective tactics instead of figuring out how to use technology.

The best thing about using a push notification provider is that it leaves plenty of time for marketers to focus on developing effective tactics. That means, instead of spending time trying to figure out how to use technology, you can focus on sending campaigns that engage customers and help your business grow.

11. Reach audiences when they want, where they want

Want to keep your audience up to date on breaking news, popular articles, or freshly released products in real-time? Push notifications can be used by both publishers and advertising to improve user experience. Push notifications can assist you in accomplishing this by pinging customized content to consumers’ screens while they are already logged in to their preferred channel and simply appearing with updated information.

This fast distribution also aids publishers in breaking through the clutter and distinguishing themselves from their competitors. Push notifications are direct, unlike social media, where users’ feeds are filled with brand messaging and distracting posts, allowing you to develop 1:1 interactions with your audiences. Push notifications have regularly increased user engagement by more than 20% per month for numerous publishers.

Push notifications aren’t just for internet-savvy consumers such as millennials and Gen-Z. Push alerts for breaking news are valuable to 53 percent of baby boomers, according to a survey, while 40 percent use push notifications to get regional news items. This is a benefit that comes at a good moment for publishers.

12. Engage users with highly curated content

Push notifications are comparable to email — one of the most appealing channels — in that they are sent directly to the user and are tailored to their preferences and behaviors. At the same time, publishers may send mass push notification campaigns to enhance brand exposure, client retention, and conversion rates without breaking the bank.

Push notifications are a convenient tool for content management, distribution, and engagement. They help deliver information to your users promptly and reduce the amount of time spent on manual promotion and marketing efforts. Push notifications can be sent in real-time as news breaks, while email newsletters require more planning ahead as they need to be scheduled or manually sent to users.

13. Re-engage/ Retain Users

Many mobile apps have a large number of potential consumers who have downloaded but never used them. Push notifications are an excellent way to encourage inactive users to become more engaged. According to research, sending even more (high-value) push notifications can boost app retention by 3 to 10 times. Individuals who opt in to get mobile notifications have a substantially greater retention rate. You may send your users notification messages with intelligent reminders, tailored offers, and breaking news. You’re significantly more likely to keep users for the long run if your mobile alerts can demonstrate direct personal value.

14. Use Geo-targeting to Target the Right Users

Sending generic push notifications to your users may pique their interest and lead them to your app or website, but this does not guarantee that they will complete any transactions. When you provide intelligent notifications, you may raise conversion rates by three times. Send notifications based on the users’ time zone and area. Target your audience by location, state, or country, depending on the demands of your campaign. It is feasible to target a more relevant and personalized audience this way. Push notifications can be sent to users depending on their interests, in addition to geo-targeting. The audience data can be utilized to learn about their interests, and push notifications can be issued depending on that information.

15. Enhance brand consistency

If you make an effort to include special offers, last-minute bargains, and coupons in your marketing funnel, you may give it a boost. Push notifications can be used to add value-added information about your brand, acting as a supplemental marketing tool channel. You may also use push notifications to promote brands because they allow you to provide more information. Logos are incorporated into the messages. People will remember your brand, which will raise its worth.

If you are interested in getting your website more visitors and customers, push notifications are the way to go. Here are the best Push Notifications Software options for both desktop and mobile.

Best Push Notification Software for Your Business Website and Blog

If you have a business website and blog, your push notifications are essential in helping you engage with your audience. Without them, it would leave your website to slowly die of old age and neglect. Find out what tools can help make your website notification strategy a success!



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