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Truepush Overview

Marketed as a ‘free forever push’ platform designed to promote your business. The convenient dashboard assists in creation, sharing and gauging campaign performance. RSS feeds & push notifications can be automatically configured to save time. Target specific audiences using segmentation to maximise lead conversion & to promote subscriptions. Timed triggered events based on activity or interaction with customers augment the marketing process. Alert customers to new blogs & updates to encourage retention. Deliver offers & discounts to entice people to visit, browse & potentially purchase something. Even if they don’t, still your lead base expands. Collate feedback & review data easily. Push job updates to integrate employment opportunities by displaying directly on their mobile devices. Monitor & boost CTRs plus other useful metrics with their analytical reporting data tools.

With truly gratis unlimited service, send infinite numbers of notifications & drive your revenue streams. Create multi-channel ROI & match with demographics. Their browser agnostic software runs seamlessly in almost any environment, sporting great compatibility. Simple interface management offers all features in a centralised & unified manner. Batching & project duplication capabilities deploy AI to efficiently bulk send or duplicate selected aspects of previous campaigns, respectively. With an ad-free experience, your data is protected, as is your privacy. Experience interruption free functionality, backed by unparalleled support.

There are some omissions in this package though. For instance, there appears to be no image or embedding feature when creating custom notifications. Furthermore, this specific installation is cumbersome. Another gap is that many other competitors offer monetisation opportunities, however unfortunately, Truepush doesn’t. If your aim is to use a fairly basic & more importantly free no frills service, then this may just be for you. However, don’t expect the full complement of features: otherwise you may just be disappointed.

Truepush Features

  • AB Testing
  • Campaign segmentation
  • Communication Management
  • Community Management
  • Content Creation
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Expiry Notifications
  • Feedback Management

Truepush Plans & Pricing in 2022

Available on: Free
  • Pricing Module:
    Free Pack:

    $0.00Free Up To 50k Subscribers/ Website.

    Paid Plan:

    $29Starts From 50k+ 1 Subscribers Count to 100k Subscribers count

  • Trial Days: 14 days

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