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VerifiedVisitors is an AI cloud security platform that protects and nurtures your verified visitors while blocking malicious bots and other unwanted threats. Aimed at smaller companies without a dedicated security team, our AI platform integrates seamlessly with AWS Cloudfront, Cloudflare and Google Cloud to learn from your traffic, and provide constant dynamic threat protection, across all your web, mobile and API endpoints. The AI platform identifies key risk paths for potentially malicious traffic, to protect accounts from credential stuffing and account take-over attempts, as well as dynamically verifying your customers, so they aren’t subject to constant CAPTCHA and other annoying validation.

The AI platform dynamically monitors incoming traffic to measure the risk. This is like having your own dedicated security staff, but without the cost. Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) automates the rule generation according to the actual visitor threats. You set the desired policy according to the business, and the virtual CISO does the rest. There is no code – the virtual CISO does it all for you, and sets the dynamic rule according to the threat policy you decide. This means no more writing out-dated WAF rules, playing whack-a-mole with bots, or resorting to in-depth web logs analysis.

Typically over 50% of the internet is bot traffic. Users report lower maintenance, lower costs of hosting, increased server uptime, and decreases in bursty bot traffic, as well as the elimination of unwanted bot visitors. Best of all, the VerifiedVisitors AI Platform intelligently verifies and authenticates your customers – so you can have one set of dynamic rules for bots, while protecting your customers from constantly having to pass CAPTCHAs, and other annoying verifications.
The AI provides constant cohort analysis, so you can really fine-tune the visitors flow, as well as protect critical account login paths, admin and config, and other sensitive areas. The behavioral AI detection also picks up API data mining attacks. Typically, old school bot protection using Fingerprints is useful for API protection as all the traffic hitting the API is bots traffic. VerifiedVisitors is able to protect your API from abuse.
It\’s all cloud based, and works with AWS Cloudfront and CloudFlare with zero code, and for Google Cloud, via our API integration. VerifiedVisitors has a free Virtual CISO offering, that allows any website admin to clean up their Robots.txt file, manage and audit all their bot activity, as well as receive alerts on suspicious bot traffic and other attacks. The Virtual CISO agent goes to work and proactively monitors all your mobile, web and API endpoints. Real-time pro-active rules block malicious traffic, and alerts from the Virtual CISO ensure that even smaller companies have a dedicated real-time threat monitoring platform, in the cloud.

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