Sucuri Overview

Website security is imperative for both users & owners. Hacks, data leaks & what not can be debilitating to say the least. In fact, the financial & legal implications are unprecedented. Sucuri is a cloud based platform that safeguards you entirely from the viscous side of the web.

What makes Sucuri an amenable product is its internet security suite or antivirus approach to site security. For instance, it systematically provides:

• WAF protection (a type of firewall) to ward off hacks & virulent attacks
• Continually monitors the integrity of sites & notifies the owner in case of any breach, accordingly
• Incident response: it promptly secures any compromise & removes malware
• Data backup, as a safe haven in case recovery is warranted
• Whilst performing the aforementioned, it executes CDN to optimise speed

So here you have it. A complete site security package that offers comprehensive protection without lagging the site itself. Great. Are we missing something here? Well unfortunately, yes.

Whilst this is all great in theory, practically, the cost appears to widely affect the TAT for dealing with incidents. To exemplify this, for the basic $ 200 annual plan, it could take half a day to recover your website, which is reduced to a mere 30mins for the business plan, rated at $ 500 yearly. Now this may seem a little arcane, however depending on the nature of the site, a lot of revenue can be lost even within a 12hour time frame. It just appears that Sucuri’s pricing slabs only differ in terms of priority rather than features. Whilst this may be a selling point for some, it would rather be a deterrent for others.

Sucuri Features

  • Applications Management
  • Real time monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • DNS Reporting
  • Event Logs
  • Event-Based Notifications
  • FTP Monitoring
  • Uptime Reporting
  • Problem Area Alerts


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $199.99 per year

  • Trail Days: 30