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Salesgenie Overview

Need a hardcore sales platform that offers unlimited sales leads? Why not try Salesgenie? It offers marketing tools, harnesses the power of data & conceptualised turnkey sales to boost your brand growth. With their six-category model, opt to delve into major US & Canadian market databases, based on demographics, buying habits & financial status trends.

How-to: Labeling Lead Status

With their direct mail marketing, benefit from an updated & targeted contact list, powerful headlines, accessible promotions, clear CTAs & pursuant notifications. Now entice, engage, convert & retain visitors. Then put all these features to test with framework testing to identify & improve upon any gaps. SEO, online display ads, data enhancement & mobile device optimisation all contribute to harmonising the user experience. Access local business searches, lead management & gain business intelligence with report analytics. Live CRM updates, standardisation, selective entry & offline data cleansing all help to create a seamless workflow. Reach the real decision-makers with dynamic profile info at your disposal. Track your progress on their dashboard for introspection.

Sales genie
Sales genie

This is all wonderful, however, are there any issues with using Salesgenie? Well, at least one user reports that whilst this is ideal for the financial or sales rep sector, it lacks the infrastructural approach for B2B or corporate environments. Furthermore, there have been instances of outdated data for connecting with other businesses. This is counterintuitive, meaning that many contact details are erroneous. The report data tool has limited list generation & simultaneous multi-query running capabilities. It’s considered expensive & mainly a phone-based solution. Overall then, I wouldn’t recommend Salesgenie to anyone for one simple reason. Despite its theoretically beefy tools, it lacks accuracy & accountability. There’s really not much that can be achieved with incorrect data, right? Sorry to disappoint you with the anticlimactic ending guys…

Salesgenie Features

  • Mobile App & CRM Integration
  • Prospecting Emails
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Campaigns
  • Customer Data Enhancement
  • Customer & Market Analytics
  • Sales Management Tools
  • Assign Leads & Track Activity

Salesgenie Plans & Pricing in 2022

Available on: Free
  • Starting Price: $149

  • Pricing Module:
    Professional: Starting at $149/mo

    • Unlimited Search & View

    • In-Depth Profiles

    • Expert Training & Support

    360 Marketing: Starting at $199/mo

    • Enhance & Analyze Customers

    • Identify Best Prospects

    • Customer Email Marketing

    Team: Starting at $299/mo

    • 5 Users

    • Assign Leads & Track Activity

    • Collaborate With Your Team


  • Trial Days: 3 days

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