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Dive into a realm of groundbreaking IT solutions with PUTHUR INFOTECH, a leading ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1 & ISO 27001 Certified company that has etched its mark on the IT landscape since its establishment in 2006 in Bangalore. Swiftly evolving into a formidable presence across India, PUTHUR INFOTECH has become synonymous with innovation and excellence.

Why should you consider PUTHUR INFOTECH?

Firstly, our Proven Expertise sets us apart. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals who not only bring a wealth of experience to the table but are also deeply committed to delivering IT services of the highest caliber. This commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our identity.

Secondly, our Nationwide Presence ensures that we are strategically positioned across India with over 750 skilled resources. This extensive network enables us to provide comprehensive support for over 3 Lakhs+ customer assets, making us a reliable partner for businesses nationwide.

Thirdly, our International Reach is a testament to our global footprint. Operating from Boston, USA, we extend our services globally, specializing in crucial areas such as Server Management, Dedicated Administrator Plans, Emergency Support, and more. This global perspective allows us to offer world-class solutions with a nuanced understanding of diverse business environments.

Now, let\’s explore the breadth of our Solutions. PUTHUR INFOTECH offers an extensive range of solutions covering Audio/Video Conferencing, CCTV/Video Surveillance, Board Room Integration, IT/Networking, and HR solutions. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We proudly offer products from top global brands, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

But our services go beyond the conventional realms of IT. Our Manpower Division is dedicated to total HR outsourcing and Facility Management, currently serving 50+ companies in India and abroad. This holistic approach reflects our commitment to addressing the broader spectrum of business needs.

At the helm of PUTHUR INFOTECH is Mr. Jayaprakashan. T.P., our Managing Director and former General Manager at HCL. His leadership, coupled with the technical expertise of our team, creates a synergy that propels us toward excellence.

To explore our offerings, success stories, and transformative capabilities, visit Partner with us for a journey towards IT excellence that is not just innovative but also tailored to your unique requirements.

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