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PropertyCRM by Webtales Overview

PropertyCRM by Webtales is a unique software solution we are providing to real estate business owners like Property Dealers & builders to manage their business effectively with a Free connected Website with no additional cost.

ProeprtyCRM by Webtales is a bundle of features like

 1. Property and Project Listings: Starting with listing your properties in CRM which is also displayed on your website itself, PropertyCRM by Webtales helps you manage your properties in one place & create a long database in the future.

 2. Lead Management System: Our CRM seamlessly manages your leads from your website, magicbricks, makaan, 99acre, Facebook lead form, and other website lead form & collect it at one place for easy coordination with the help of your telecallers who do the follow up & convert these leads to sales.

 3. Invoicing and Financial Management: Dynamic invoicing feature for all your payment needs to clients & vendors.

 4. SEO-Enabled Websites: USP of PropertyCRM by Webtales & a unique feature no other CRM provides. When you buy PropertyCRM by Webtales subscription Professional plan you also qualify for an SEO-enabled Website which itself gets built through CRM & becomes a lead generator for you Free of Cost.

 5. Reference Contacts Management: This feature enables you to manage your cold data of contact. These could be your business associations with other property dealers, cold contacts, databases,s, etc..

 6. Custom Requirements: Every Real Estate Business owner has a similar business but at an individual level they may have some additional/different requirements to your CRM for the Real Estate business. After Website, another USP of PropertyCRM by Webtales is the additional customization in the CRM as per your specific need which can be fulfilled either Free of with minimal payment basis on the SOW.

 7. User-Friendly Interface: Targeting our users from the real estate business, we have built a very intuitive & simple UI for easy use even by a nontechnical person.

 8. Continuous Updates and Support: We provide best support in the form of multiple User Demo in a Group, Individual & Videos. Our customer support team ensures that you have working days support in front of calls, email & WhatsApp.

 9. Dynamic Reporting Dashboard: A standard & specific reporting dashboard for real estate business help you to understand how your business is performing at various stages of Property – Lead – Sales. Data & analytics from this reporting dashboard also helps in your business expansion.

 10. Tele Calling Management: Another dynamic module of our CRM for real estate business which manage all your tele callers from one common system. Your tele caller will be free from papers & more structured when our CRM will remind them on every follow ups & this CRM will also inform you on performance of your tele callers.

 11. Documentation Management: Manage all your documents at one place like Rent Agreements, Sale Deed Agreement, NOCs, Property Certificates etc.

 12. User Role Management: You can now create multiple users like Telecallers, Manager, Admin etc. for your team through our simple user role module where you can define their roles & responsibilities.

 13. Easy Self-Service Portal: You just need to visit & subscribe to your favourite plan to start building your CRM and website with just a few clicks & data entries.

 14. Real-Time Analytics: PropertyCRM by Webtals gets you immediate real-time analysis basis on the available data in the system.

 15. Lead Generation through Website: Another great feature of PropertyCRM by Webtals is the lead generation where your website becomes your lead generation tool that too with no additional cost.

 16. Easy Reminders: an extensive set of reminders at various stages to all your team members & clients through Email, and WhatsApp to ensure that you don’t miss any business & sales opportunities.

PropertyCRM by Webtales Features

  • Online
  • iPhone
  • Windows S
  • iPad
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome OS
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing
  • 10x your productivity

PropertyCRM by Webtales Plans & Pricing in 2024

Available on: Subscription
  • Starting Price: $3

  • Pricing Module:


  • Trial Days: 30

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