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Moovly Overview

Moovly video editor enables one to implement their own audio inputs & has such imaging capabilities too. The fine editing tools also help to hone your production skills! Sync templates as well as sounds together for the ultimate finished product. Their automated features enable mass production & distribution via various channels, including social media, email & 3rd party integrated apps. Apply preset text blocks in data or live-feed videos with personalised content, directly from the nominated source, such as databases. Hosting browser-based functionality, get straight to creating your videos in any environment & with device-agnostic benefits. Upload your own content: be it images, writing, or anything, even audio elements. Free & paid media objects are available to use, preview or purchase respectively. Apply virtually any style in terms of corporate, training, entertaining, marketing & so on. Furthermore, opt for any orientation & scale as per your intended audience for maximal engagement. Transitional & shape effects with various refining options to resize, crop or position your images as per requirement.

Getting started with Moovly

Add music, recorded or text to voice conversion, supporting deep learning for a near-nature human synthesised voice, available in 20 different languages. Animate this text & bring it to life, augmenting retention plus evoking interest. Implement colour, group themes & subtitles to your videos, while you can also download, publish & actively present these too. Use web forms & manage plus share material in groups by controlling or granting access for effective collaboration on projects. Subscription & DAM asset compliance with cloud drive connectivity as well as white labeling for your brand.


Moovly does come with its disadvantages though. Firstly, many users report that its interface is riddled with glitches, impacting functionality. Secondly, for the price & given the error-prone operation with an ineffective user support service, Moovly doesn’t also seem to offer value for money. Why not try their free package & judge for yourself if it’s really worth the investment as well as the effort.

Moovly Features

  • Animation
  • Audio Capture
  • Brand Overlay
  • Collaboration tools

Moovly Plans & Pricing in 2022

Available on: Free
  • Starting Price: $49.0

  • Pricing Module:
    Starting From: 


    $49.00 /month

  • Trial Days: 30 days

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Moovly CreateStudio
Starting from $49.0

Free: remove

Trail Days: check


Free Trial:remove

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Trail Days: remove


Free Trial:remove

One Time Licensing:check


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Key Feature
A centralized repository to store contentremovecheck
Ability to insert animations/transitionsremovecheck
Add customized logos and colors to the interfaceremovecheck
Allows users to secure content and data for any use.removecheck
Assemble applications and processes by dragging over and arranging pre-built componentsremovecheck
Audio Capturecheckremove
Brand Overlaycheckremove
Collaboration toolscheckremove
Collection of images, videos and other digital content that can be usedremovecheck
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