Manychat Overview

Manychat is a marketing focussed business chatbot application designed to both introduce new or update & reinforce existing strategies for online growth. With automated combined messaging options via social media, such as FB & SMS services, this is the real deal…or is it? Let’s take a brief look at its features & not so bright traits too…

Manychat allows users to drive sales with enhanced clickthrough rates. This increases the engagement ratio with interactive tools & customised material. Subsequently, product sales, appointment booking, harvesting leads & data capture are all made possible. In fact, not just possible but thriving opportunities to excel in all these domains. After everyone desires happy & willing customers, rather than coercing anyone into a sale.

It doesn’t stop there though – oh no. With the added extension of customisable chatbots using a simple drag & drop interface, your dream virtual assistant can be created within minutes. What’s more is the ability to benefit symbiotically by using other apps, such as Shopify to really boost your online presence. They even host their own niche business community known as the ‘manychat movement’ to gain knowledge from experts who share this across the board. This also assists in curating those much needed funnels which in turn, form an immersive slide for customers to enjoy as they are captivated by what\’s on offer.

Now coming onto their flaws. Whilst there may not be many, let’s consider these impartially & how they may impact even the copious positives that they emit. Firstly, experienced online marketers often perceive manychat as being a skeletal system which lacks many features & quality expected of a contemporary marketing platform. For instance, it lacks any NLP, which severely limits the scope to capitalise on customer engagement & conversion based on integrated AI. Be it SEO & keyword matching, these rudimentary aspects are either absent or underdeveloped. Furthermore, there are still unresolved bugs within the interface which needless to say become unpleasant, not to mention annoying when encountered regularly.

In summary then, many chat actually appears to ironically be a well marketed product itself…but falls short of the high expectations it sets by doing so. The interest that potential users would garner suddenly vanishes upon experiencing a lacklustre & unde-requipped platform, riddled with glitches. This paradoxically turns what is supposed to be a resourceful app into nothing more than a botched project, rendering many of its USPs useless, if not an utter disappointment.

Manychat Features

  • Automate conversations
  • Segment your audience
  • Acquire new customers
  • Email support
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Optimize performance
  • QR Code
  • Website Widgets
  • Ref URL
  • Landing Page


Available on: Free, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $10.00/month