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Instapage Overview

A landing page platform for marketing agencies, Instapage offers a wide range of features to help you improve your conversions and grow. The solution helps businesses ranging from small to large, such as those located across different countries or on opposite sides of town but still need an effective way to collect leads who come upon their website via search engines like Google, Facebook Ads targeting audiences based on geographical location.

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Instapage was built with Google apps in mind, including Adwords and Analytics. This means that content creators can capture all of their marketing data to share it across the customer relationship management (CRM) system as well as other automation tools like email campaigns or lead generation software.

A simple yet ingenious software called InstaPage which specializes in digital publishing has just announced a new feature for website builders on its platform which allows clients to integrate seamlessly into Google Apps.

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The Instapage’s page editor tool not only allows business owners to create mobile-responsive web pages but also optimize them for conversions. Pages are adjusted automatically depending on the device they’re being viewed which enables users with different resolutions and screen sizes to make purchases more easily – all without having multiple versions of your site! The software also offers A/B testing so you can see what bits work best before investing too much time or money into something that may turn out not to be successful at converting visitors anyway.

The Instapage platform integrates with other top-tier marketing applications such as WordPress, Marketo, and HubSpot. The solution is available on a monthly subscription basis.


In this day in age of digital marketing, it’s more important than ever for companies who want their product or service promoted without wasting money doing so themselves because many times they cannot compete against free tools like Facebook ads where there are no costs associated whatsoever unless you do something special which most won’t bother investing time/energy into even knowing about.

Instapage Features

  • AB Testing
  • API
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Audience Targeting
  • Automatic Lead Distribution
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Brand Management
  • CRM
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Campaign management

Instapage Plans & Pricing in 2022

Available on: Free
  • Starting Price: $99.00/month

  • Trial Days: 14 days

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create stunning landing pages with Instapage for your online marketing and promotion campaigns. The app offers features such as A/B Testing, multiple campaign management tools that make it easy to run efficient ads at the best time of day or in response to customer demand; built-in analytics so you know what works well on which page – whether it’s an order form for products sold through email newsletter subscriptions.

Instapage doesn’t offer a free plan, but you can try their Business features on trial for 14 days. All of the functions in this type of account are available and there’s no need to provide credit card information upfront.

There are many alternatives like Unbounce Sendinblue Getresponse ClickFunnels Landingi.

You can view your statistics and analytics in one place. You can also customize pages for each individual client or campaign so they always look like an authentic representation of their brand identity online.

The live environment of Instapage templates is what sets them apart from other pre-built landing page builders. You can also save your own sections as an instablocks, which saves you hours in design time and gives more freedom when it comes to creating unique pages that work for you!

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