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Inoreader Overview

Inoreader is a cloud-based content procurement & RSS feed application. It enables you to source fidelity content from the web & feeds it into your respective site to inform or educate visitors. With its customisable abilities, it provides options to share as well as distribute news.

Amongst the industry-standard features, Inoreader extends its reach with some supercharged ideas, including:

• Selective automation to filter & tag topics according to prescribed criteria, ensuring relevance. This is extended by ruled based events to trigger webhooks, push notifications & even broadcasting
• Perform active searches by monitoring keywords & censor other categories. This promotes appropriate audience dispersal
• With its speedy interface & multiple views plus keyboard shortcut support, this is a really operationally efficient package
• OPML collection compatible for seamless exchange of information with other users
• Integrated & cross-platform capabilities bring this in synch with virtually all popular methods of sourcing news, social media plus media feeds
• Autonomic & adaptive technology to assist in self-generation of feeds via folders or tags
• Detailed dashboard based stats, providing intelligence re trends, popularity, read/access & update frequency
• Effortlessly handles large volumes of data to eliminate duplication

Inoreader - The content reader for power users who want to save time

With all that under our belt, could there possibly be any possible qualms with this wonderfully advertised all-in-one solution? Well, the answer is yes; and surprisingly, quite a few of them:

• Most of these nifty features are only available on their paid subscriptions, which are arguably a little pricey in comparison to other competitors, especially when mandated ads are even showcased to your site’s visitors. Boredom quickly sets in…Furthermore, the pro plan has recently been restricted from offering unlimited filters & associated functions to certain quotas being imposed. This is unwelcome price restructuring!
• As if this wasn’t repulsive enough, there are annoying niggles such as the inability to create subfolders & the default ‘read’ mark if the material is unread after a month. Talk about being misleading!
• Mail2Tags is littered with glitches, rendering most emails as being unreliable. Yes: thanks for that!
• …and finally, inoreader continues to use your system resources, such as RAM by remaining embedded within the active use modules!


Hence, inoreader appears to take strides to impress prospective users but disappoints in the process by overlooking basic ergonomics. It’s almost as if the developers omitted to add all the required ingredients to develop the recipe!

Inoreader Features

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Keyword highlights
  • Podcast Player (play in the background)
  • Google keywords and news alerts
  • Save to Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Style Inoreader to your liking with Custom CSS
  • Keep all your subscriptions safe (Automatic OPML backups)
  • Follow websites without RSS with Web feeds
  • Get articles faster with Boosted Feeds
  • Offline mode for selected folders (Android & iOS)

Inoreader Plans & Pricing

Available on: Free, Free Trial, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $6.99/month

  • Pricing Module:
    Inoreader has four pricing options

    • Free (Ad supported)

    • SUPPORTER – $1.67 per month (annual billing)

    • PRO – $5.83 per month (annual billing) or $6.99 per month (monthly billing)

    • CUSTOM

  • Trial Days: 14

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