HackerEarth Overview

Why are virtual hackathons considered important? Well HackerEarth deploys them to assess who’s best from a pool of both internal and external talent. This enables resolving commercial challenges by reinforcing continual innovation, collaboration of various skills & functionality, ready to use market, whilst imbibing these values globally. With their rich resource section, the ebooks, guides, events, blogs, insights, webinars & whitepapers augment the entire process of learning plus assessment.

The various applications that HackerEarth can assist with are varied & promising. Be it remote employment or educational hiring, learning & development, tech recruiting, hiring management, there’s a robust solution available. Various integrations & features, such as accurate assessments, seamless interviews, advanced proctoring for remote coding assignments, as well as detailed analytics. What’s more is the scale-ready platform with all security protocols, along with the aforesaid features help to deliver an improved candidate experience.

This is fine until you realise that HackerEarth does ironically suffer from some technical IDE snags, such as their indexing & prioritisation. Furthermore, it lacks PM support & their task database isn’t randomised, meaning that manual curation of questions is necessary. Then again, these may be considered as niggles more than major issues & hence, given the plethora of wonders, HackerEarth remains a versatile package.

HackerEarth Features

  • Video Interview
  • Dashboard
  • Self Service Portal
  • Session Recording
  • Feedback Management
  • Question Library
  • Reports
  • Multi-User Collaboration


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $19.00/month

  • Trail Days: 14