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Flance – Freelance Marketplace Clone Script Overview

Flance offers a pre-built, ready-to-launch software solution designed to establish a comprehensive freelance platform swiftly, often within hours. Developed in PHP, it utilizes the CodeIgniter framework with HMVC architecture.

The script boasts excellent compatibility with a wide range of web browsers and hosting servers. Furthermore, our freelancer script is meticulously engineered to be 100% secure, and free from any potential bugs or security vulnerabilities.


Flance, our freelancer clone script, is equipped with a range of user-friendly features, all of which are fully customizable. As such, there are no inherent limitations.


Sign-up & Registration: Users can register as employers or freelancers on the platform, providing their basic personal details.

Project Listing: Employers can list two types of projects: hourly and fixed. They can specify budgets, deadlines, and project details.

Bid Submission: Freelancers, after registering, can explore available openings and submit bids, including proposed rates and timelines.

Secure Payment Integrations: The freelancer script includes three secure payment gateways: PayPal, Wire Transfer, and, ensuring safe and transparent transactions.

Real-time Messaging: Seamless communication and file sharing between freelancers and clients is facilitated by Flance\’s built-in messaging system.

Notifications: Flance keeps users informed about the latest job postings, bid submissions, acceptances, and other relevant details.

Ratings & Reviews Systems: Users can share their experiences and rate each other upon project completion, building a reputation management system.

Robust Admin Panel: The freelancer clone script boasts a powerful admin panel, enabling administrators to manage user accounts, features, and platform functions.

Dispute Resolution Room: In cases of payment-related conflicts between freelancers and clients, this script offers a dispute resolution feature.

Payment Mode: Freelancers have the flexibility to set their preferred payment mode, whether by milestone or by project. Milestone payments allow for partial payments upon completion of specific project stages, while the latter option involves receiving the full payment upon project completion.

Escrow Payment System: Flance integrates an escrow payment system, where payments are debited from the client\’s account and held until project completion and both parties are satisfied with the work.

Commission Models: Our freelance PHP script incorporates adaptable commission models, including project listing, featured listing, and bid purchasing, which can be activated immediately upon website launch.

Dashboards: Freelancers and clients have individual dashboards for monitoring and managing their activities.

Installation & Maintenance:

Flance includes free installation and one year of maintenance support. Our technical team will install it on your web hosting server within 24 hours. We also provide routine bug fixes, security patches, and system updates to ensure your freelance platform operates smoothly, avoiding glitches, security threats, and bugs.

Flance – Freelance Marketplace Clone Script Features

  • Free • Open Source
  • Chat / Messaging
  • Online Payments
  • Multi-Category Jobs
  • Job Posting
  • Budget Tracking/Job Costing

Flance – Freelance Marketplace Clone Script Plans & Pricing in 2024

Available on: One Time Licensing
  • Starting Price: 499

  • Pricing Module:

  • Trial Days: 30

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Starting from 499

Free: remove

Trail Days: check


Free Trial:remove

One Time Licensing:check


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One Time Licensing:check


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