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CViewSurvey: Survey App Overview

The best survey app for you! CViewSurvey is the most complete survey app with a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and a robust set of tools. It\’s used by thousands of companies and individuals around the world.
CViewSurvey is a survey app used to create and conduct surveys in online and offline modes. It\’s a powerful tool that helps you get feedback from your customers, employees, or anyone you want. You can create and send surveys quickly, get instant results, and share the results with your team or clients. Create a survey for your employees to see how they feel about the company, run a customer satisfaction survey for your business to see what customers want, or use it for academic research. The possibilities are endless!

This Survey app provides many features Such as:

Page Branching:
Lets respondents skip one or more questions and jump to a different page.

Customized Surveys:
Personalize your surveys with a custom background image or logo and improve your branding.

Media as Question:
This extensive feature allows respondents to upload media as a response.

White Labeled Surveys:
Create branded surveys and forms that align with your brand identity.

Pre-Designed Templates:
We help you save your time and effort by providing pre-designed templates that cover all solutions.

Conditional Questions Display:
This feature gives you the option of creating questions on the survey that dynamically adapts to your respondent\’s answers.

Collect responses Offline & Online Mode:
CViewSurvey offers the flexibility to work in online and offline mode, allowing you to collect data and responses anytime, anywhere.

Supports iOS and Android Devices:
With the help of the CViewSurvey app, responses can be collected on iOS and Android devices.

Unlimited Responses:
Our application gives you access to collect unlimited responses for a better understanding of your customers or employees.

Secure Cloud-Based Services:
Our app works on a SaaS-based business model that allows you to store unlimited data safely and securely.

CViewSurvey: Survey App Features

  • Freemium
  • Windows
  • Online
  • Android
  • Windows S
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

CViewSurvey: Survey App Plans & Pricing in 2024

Available on: Subscription
  • Starting Price: Rs.900

  • Pricing Module:


  • Trial Days: 14

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Starting from Rs.900

Free: remove

Trail Days: check


Free Trial:remove

One Time Licensing:remove


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