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CTX Feed Pro Overview

Do you have a WooCommerce store?

If so, would you like to upload and market your products on 130+ different marketing channels like Facebook, Google Shopping, Bing, Snapchat, TikTok, Kelkoo, and Rakuten?
You should all start using CTX Feed.

The most optimized and error-free WooCommerce product feed manager, CTX Feed Pro, expedites the approval of your product listing, conditionally improves product information, filters out underperforming products, and automatically updates your product information across different channels.

Using CTX Feed, a WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin, creating a WooCommerce product feed is now simpler than before. Stop struggling to make the most ideal and discrete product feed for your designated and preferred marketing channels for globally recognized marketplaces as well as other noteworthy ones.

It seeks to lessen the burden you place on your marketing efforts to produce product feeds and distribute them across various marketing and retail channels. It is possible to update product information on a customizable timetable and sync the update to the appropriate channel via HTTP or FTP/SFTP. Remain at easy knowing that your clients will receive the most recent product information immediately.

It\’s a plugin that allows you to create an unlimited number of product feeds for all affiliate and marketing channels you can imagine!

CTX Feed can create a product feed for you in a matter of minutes, whether you need one for 10 products or 100,000.

With its limitless filter options, this feed generator plugin enables you to successfully promote your selected products across many affiliate and ecommerce networks.

CTX Feed provides pre-built and ready-made templates to make the process of creating product feeds simple.

This plugin has gained a lot of market appeal due to its simplicity of use, time-saving features, and simple optimization capabilities.

As required by the marketing channels, CTX Feed provides CSV, TXT, XML, and other product feed formats.

The following features make CTX Feed a top-notch WooCommerce plugin:

➤ personalized feed generation

➤ countless product feeds for countless items

➤ Conditional and dynamic pricing

➤ Utilizing UTM URLs to track feeds

➤ Support for several languages, vendors, and currencies

➤ Both a free and paid version are offered.

➤ supports the establishment of feeds in many formats

➤ superior filters

➤ Automatic feed updates as necessary

CTX Feed Pro Features

  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Specialized WooCommerce Hosting

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