An Ultimate Guide to Attendance Management System

By Dhwani Madan | Software & Tools

When you are running any business you must need something that keeps track of your employees’ attendance. Yes, and that’s why an attendance management system is necessary to add as an asset to your organization. If you have an accurate attendance system at your company it can help HR to save time and energy, which is used for calculating your employees’ working days and working hours. Also, it must comply with vital regulations by recording accurate, easily accessible employee attendance records.

An effective workforce management strategy should include leave, project, and attendance management software that integrates with your HRMS easily. It can help every HR process payroll with a smart time clock. Just consider the log-in hours, and log-out time, and submit time-off requests, even if you are working remotely.

What Is Attendance Management?

Attendance Management keeps track of your employee present hours at the organization. It can be measured to document or system whether the employee is present or takes leave. Attendance Management is usually done by HR by recording employee hours. They mostly use spreadsheets, paper or time cards, or software.

What Is The Importance Of Attendance Management?

Every organization should have an Attendance Management System. Why? Because this system allows you to calculate the hours that employees work accurately. As per the standards act timekeeping requirements, it can help you in every way. This is often especially beneficial if you have employees working on an hourly basis, so this system can help you to track the exact hours of the employee working, and you can calculate exact wages as per the time they work at your company.

There are other benefits you can avail yourself of by considering that attendance system. If you’ve got salaried employees, you’ll always want to know how often employees are working. Tracking employee time also will let you know if employees are punctual, also it can help you to understand and count performance management. This is the most important thing that you’ll keep a track of how much they are working, even once you don’t see them.

The employee performance management system is a process that helps to identify, assess and improve employee productivity. It is a key tool in ensuring that an organization’s human resources are used effectively. The system involves setting performance goals and objectives, measuring progress against those goals, and providing feedback to employees on their progress. 

Why Use Employee Attendance Management Systems?

A good and accurate attendance management tool can facilitate your company with your attendance management needs. When it is an automated, cloud attendance management solution, then it helps you to monitor hours with only one or two clicks. You don’t have to spend hours and hours manually entering in paper or timesheets, time tracking, or monitoring hours. Your complicated work environment can enjoy automated software.

There are several types of attendance systems available in the market. With capabilities like system entry, biometric time clocks, log audits & automatic data gathering you’ll rely on an online attendance management system to cut labor expenses and enhance productivity. Reducing the quantity of time spent on non-productive work may improve employees’ productivity and minimize employee turnover.

As you know, Today’s workforce demands everything with regularization. So, time and attendance solutions are as resilient and versatile as their users, from the work site to the office, or home. So, Level up your organization with automated software or a biometric attendance system. As high-tech solutions that precisely align together with your organization’s demands and operate no matter where your staff is.

Types Of Attendance Management Systems (AMS)

There are a variety of different types of AMS available, whether it is automated software, online service, biometrics, or sheet. These systems are integrated with a leave management system. They also deliver the inputs for the payroll needs of a corporation.

The employees of your organization can enhance their productivity with the online automated system as well.

1. Online Attendance Management Software

Online attendance management software is the uttermost solution to keep the track of attendance. It has several features such as – clock in, clock out, break-in, break out, attendance policy, attendance requests, status report, late in, early out, etc. It gives a web login facility, and after installing the software you can easily log in from the system. These functions use cloud technology to make sure that one’s attendance data can be accessed even if you are working remotely.

These kinds of systems are as easy as you can perform login and logout with one simple click. This kind of convenience many companies expect in our digital age. Such systems also are available at cost-effective rates as well. You just have to install it in the employee’s system and just enter their data into your system.

2. Biometric Attendance Software

A biometric attendance system verifies the identity of the employees at the entrance of the company. It captures employees’ entry and exit using their biometrics such as entry and exit. Biometrics of the employee includes fingerprints. This system is very fashionable and it is mostly used in government offices.

Biometric attendance software is most accurate as you can’t punch from your thumb to make attendance for your friend. It results without time leakage and makes productivity high for your organization. However, sometimes it shows some errors such as not recognizing fingerprints, its online software issues, etc.

Biometric systems are usually integrated with other systems to convert the info into reports. However, you need to first enter the employee’s fingerprint.

Biometric systems are cost-effective. And adding or removing employees can also be done quickly and with minimum inconvenience.

3. Break-Time Tracking Software

Even if you have an online system, sometimes break time cannot be tracked. So, many organizations feel the need to track the duration of breaks. This break-time tracking software is simple as it provides the break time. With such software, employees can clock in and punch out multiple times throughout the day.

The first punch-in in biometrics or other software is treated as the employee’s entry into the company. Thereafter, every clock out and subsequent punch-ins are treated as a break from work.

Now that you have basic knowledge of the types of attendance management systems, you can easily understand the key elements of this system. So, consider attendance management software that delivers way higher efficiency than traditional systems.

Key Elements Of Attendance Management System

Most employer Attendance Management Programs (AMP) share these key elements.

1. Definition Of An ‘Absence’

Absence refers to many kinds of leaves of employees such as vacation, sick, family-related issues, statutory holidays, etc. This word is used in the workplace while anyone will be on leave for these reasons. The AMP should specialize in absences that distort the workplace and clearly articulate the purpose of AMP.

There are 2 types of absences; if you are using the scheduled absence then it will be okay for the employer such as vacation, holidays, etc. However, unscheduled excluding sick leaves are a problem for the organization.

2. A Mechanism For Absence Reporting

The leave of absence reporting is mostly considered as the report of absence that the manager can retrieve from the records. It’s essential to monitor any AMP that the employer should implement. That can be used to report and track individual employee absences. It can be considered with the tracking of paid leave, unpaid leave, sick leave, etc.

3. Major Terms – “Innocent”, “Culpable” & “Verification”

The AMP should clearly ask about this difference and classification; it’s also helpful if it sets out what can be considered culpable or non-culpable.

  • Innocent

“Innocent” absence means it is not fault-based. It is not blameworthy as well. An employee can give a valid reason for leave. But this doesn’t mean an employer is precluded from setting reasonable expectations and taking corrective measures/

  • Culpable

“Culpable” means that the absence of an employee is blameworthy. He or she takes more leaves without any reason and is under the category of culpable. Considering that, the employer can take noteworthy steps such as the termination of the employee.

  • Verification

This is the step to verify the absence with the attendance management system. And since employees are required to supply regular ongoing attendance, the employer has the right to be fully informed of the basis of an employee’s absence and any work limitations or modifications.

4. Employer Discretion

To take leave or not lies under legal obligation. So, as per human rights, employer discretion comes under AMP. If not, it runs the danger that a court, tribunal, or arbitrator will find it discriminatory and strike it down.
Employers must raise “flags” raising the likelihood of an accommodation need when dealing with absence so they can meet their legal obligations. The employer’s duty to accommodate begins when it’s been made aware of the need for accommodation, or the circumstances are such it ought reasonably to have known of the need for accommodation.

5. Thresholds For Entry

Threshold entry is legally acceptable and practically essential for any organization. An employer can set this term as a “threshold” for entry into the AMP and for moving through each stage of the training process.
These thresholds are typically supported by a specified number of hours of innocent absence.

  • Benefits Of Attendance Management Systems

Beyond accuracy, there are several benefits of this management system you can avail of by purchasing from a trusted company. Here we mentioned some of them,

  • Reduce Cost

A single error in attendance or leave can cost money. Mistakes cost money—especially when it involves managing hours and payroll. By using dedicated attendance management systems, you’ll avoid that hassle and save more money for the organization.

  • Top Notch Accuracy

As it is automated online software, it provides a high level of accuracy. It allows you to assure employees’ attendance without any mistakes.

  • Remain Statuary Compliant

Each state in India has its own employment laws, and it becomes tricky when HR doesn’t know everything. At that time, already installed law policy software is the best thing that you can do. Dedicated attendance management software keeps you compliant automatically, and you don’t have to worry about that.

  • Track Leaves

Keeping track of attendance with the employee leave, sick days and vacation, and sick days are often a hassle. So, good software can make your work easy by tracking leaves.

Eliminate Fraud

As each employee has their own password-protected profile in a software system. so fraud will be reduced.

  • Review Analytics

Even if you counted everything, at the end of the day you require total data of the attendance. You can call it an attendance status report. Getting real-time analysis of attendance and payroll data is easy if you have dedicated software.

  • Ensure Working Shift

In multiple national companies, there are multiple shifts. Especially, when the shifts are different this software can easily remind and track your attendance. Employee attendance management software allows you to have a feature to ensure the entire shift with the necessary position.

With numerous benefits, it’s clear why more and more companies are switching to online attendance management solutions.

Reasons Why Companies Should Invest In A AMS

There are significant reasons you should invest in attendance management online software, and here we mentioned some.

1. Better Visibility

So, if everything is clear to everyone from high-level authority to managers to the employee, it makes it more transparent or we can say visible to everyone. As you understand, HR management is not an easy task and so putting up the leaves taken by your employees on a spreadsheet isn’t an easy task. But with an attendance monitoring system, it’s easy for employers to know what their employees are doing and how to keep a check on them.

If this attendance management tool is installed in the company then all the operations can become easy and visible to a related person. As the software usually provides centralized data, it will have every small detail about the attendance, and therefore the reports are facilitated from it with ease. Employers will get to understand everything that they want when it comes to attendance management.

2. Helps For Advanced Scheduling

The simplest thing about an attendance system is that it can enable the scheduling of future leaves and working hours as well. It helps to schedule the advanced project work by making it easy. HR doesn’t have to spend many hours counting on emails, messages, and various other forms of analog tools.

There are chances of missing texts or last-minute conflicts that end in massive, also the project head will face a problem if anyone takes leave without information.

3. Maintain Workflow Management

The attendance management software will make sure of the attendance of the employee. In this software, the employee can request leave or time off directly from the software, and employers will approve it via the software only. So in the future, everything will be managed easily considering one seamless flow of work management.

4. Facilitates Accurate Data

When everything is done by a human, it may be possible to make mistakes. Regardless of how careful you are, there are sometimes when you commit a mistake. This case isn’t going to happen with the attendance management system. Because, The attendance software is pretty accurate, and therefore the working hours of every employee are taken into account, ideally.

5. Provide Flexibility

Some companies are providing work from home, some also provide flexible shifts. In this case, there are numerous employees out there who want flexibility with their work. So, even if you are at a remote location you can work easily with this software. And that’s why after Covid many companies are investing in online attendance management solutions.

To Wind Things Up,

A powerful attendance management system can facilitate you with all of your attendance management needs. UBS app has all kinds of features that every company needs. You don’t have to spend hours tracking employee attendance, monitoring hours, or don’t have to add data manually. 200+ companies have already invested to buy UBS, and that’s why you also have to look out once. Book a demo to understand more features and just enjoy the seamless process of attendance management.


1. How Do You Use an Attendance Management System?

The attendance Management system is used to keep track of employee time in hours, minutes, and seconds. We use it to document the time your employees work and the time they take off as well.

2. What Is Attendance Management System?

An attendance management system refers to an organization’s approach to tracking employee time information. It helps you save time and effort in calculating your employees’ working hours.

3. Which Software Is Used For Attendance Management Systems?

An automated, cloud-based, SaaS software such as the UBS app is used for the attendance management system.

4. Importance Of Attendance Management?

Attendance Management Systems allow you to calculate the hours and thus you can easily consider leaves and payroll as well. It can help to maintain workflow and productivity.