10 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Your Writing Skills

By Dhwani Madan | Writing

With excessive data available on the internet, it has become difficult to write with 100% uniqueness. It is common to get duplications, even if it’s only a small percentage, in your work.

Paraphrasing tools are great when it comes to dealing with such conditions. These tools work on pre-set algorithms to reword your content and make it unique.

As a result, you will get a text with new words but with the same theme as the original. But the main problem comes when you have to choose the best tool for this purpose.

In this blog, we are going to enlist the 10 best free paraphrasing tools that you can use.

Top 10 Paraphrasing Tools

1. Paraphrasing Tool by Prepostseo

At the top of our list, we have the paraphrasing tool offered by Prepostseo. This tool has been designed with a simple interface to let you paraphrase online.

In order to use this tool, you need to insert your text inside the given text insertion box.

After clicking on the “Paraphrase” button, you only have to wait for some seconds. This tool will replace the original words with their synonyms and related phrases. In the output box, you can see the changes clearly highlighted.

By clicking on any of those words, you can see the original words and extended suggested terms. In this way, it will be easy for you to check what the tool has changed in your text.


  • Multiple data input options
  • Advance features like the word exclusion option
  • Different working modes
  • Simple interface


  • Annoying advertisements for free users
Paraphrasing Tool by Prepostseo

2. Paraphrasing Tool by Rephrase.info

Another amazing tool to reword your text online is offered by Rephrase.info. It is a multi-lingual tool that will help you in paraphrasing texts written in other languages.

You can choose your required language by clicking on the language selection box. This tool will not take much time to rephrase your text and display the new text in a separate box.

You will get side by side display of the original and rephrased text with highlighted words in the paraphrased text box. Additionally, it will also let you choose other tools from the same page to check for plagiarism and grammar errors in the final text.


  • Multi-lingual working
  • Smooth and fast processing
  • Different tools integration


  • No suggested words in the final text
Paraphrasing Tool by Rephrase.info

3. Paraphrasing Tool by Paraphraser.io

It is one of the best tools available on the internet because of its AI-based algorithm. This tool will not work like other tools at the backend. It will first analyze your given text and then reword it to the human level.

With its AI & NLP-based algorithm, it will rewrite the text in a proper flow. In this way, it will help you in increasing the engagement rate of your visitors and get more fruitful outcomes.

To use this tool, you only need to paste the text or upload the file from your device. This tool will also show you synonyms of the replaced words to learn new terms.

In this way, it can also help you in learning paraphrasing in addition to rewriting the original text. You will find it pretty simple to use this tool because of its simple interface.


  • Human-level rewriting
  • Multiple tools integration in the paraphrased text box
  • Support multiple languages


  • Limited word count (500 words for free users)
Paraphraser Best Paraphrasing Tool

4. Paraphrasing Tool by Softo.org

Softo.org is also offering a paraphrasing tool to reword your text with a single click. It has dual working modes that you can choose just according to your work requirements.
To choose a specific mode, you only need to click on the circle given beside the mode name just above the text boxes. Additionally, you can use this tool to paraphrase online in different languages.

It will also give you a side-by-side display of the paraphrased and original text. In this way, you can compare the text and check if the tool has been rephrased properly or not.


  • Advance Features
  • Allow multiple language rewording
  • User-friendly interface
  • Smooth rewording


  • Smaller display boxes
Paraphrasing Tool by Softo

5. Paraphrasing Tool by PlagiarismChecker.co

If you don’t want to get any extra or advanced features, this tool can be helpful. Sometimes, a writer feels annoyed to use extra options and wants to complete this process with a single click.

This paraphrasing tool will be a good choice in this regard. You only have to insert your text by pasting it in the given box.

After that, you only need to click on the “Rephrase Now” button. The tool will analyze your text to get the meanings and then replace the original words with synonyms. You will get the replaced words in different colors to have a clear look.


  • Easy to understand interface
  • Support different file formats
  • Fast processing
  • Clear & prominent display


  • Limited word count (800 words)
  • Support limited languages
Paraphrasing Tool by PlagiarismChecker.co

6. Paraphrasing Tool by Rewriter Tools

When it comes to choosing a platform with different tools, Rewritertools.com is among some top-rated suggestions. It offers a fine rephrasing tool that can help you in rewording your text.

This tool works in a few steps that will help you in understanding the paraphrasing process. First of all, you need to insert your text and click on Start Paraphrasing.

The tool will start processing which is the second step of the process. In the third step, it will show you a screen with suggested changes from which you can choose which one you want to make and which one you want to avoid.

In the final step, you will get your text ready to copy and paste wherever you want.


  • Helps in learning paraphrasing
  • Extended suggested words
  • Manual interference


  • Takes time to complete the process
  • Only traditional options are available, and no advanced features
Paraphrasing Tool by Rewriter Tools

7. Paraphrasing Tool by Grammica

If you only want to use a rephrasing tool for rewording a few words, this tool can be helpful for you.

This tool will enable you to reword a maximum of 400 characters in a turn. It means that you will not be able to rewrite even a single passage with a few hundred words.

You will find this tool to be a reliable choice. It is because you will get the final text with the original terms displayed. This tool will show you original terms and new words in the same box that will make it simple for you to compare.


Three working modes
Simple but clear preview
File downloading option


Not enough word limit
No advance options
Suitable for a few lines rewording

Paraphrasing Tool by Grammica

8. Paraphrasing Tool by Text Reverse

Another reliable paraphrasing tool is here that can help you in accomplishing this task quickly. This tool has been designed with a single-click working concept.

It will not ask you to choose multiple options to start working. But you only have to paste your text and click on the “Paraphrase” button. This tool will not take more than a few seconds to reword your text and give you a preview of the final text.

You will get all the replaced terms in bold format to get a clear preview. Additionally, you can check for plagiarism in the rephrased text too.


Support multiple languages
Suitable for everyone
Different tools integration
Simple interface


No manual involvement

Paraphrasing Tool by Text Reverse

9. Paraphrasing Tool by Papers Owl

If you find it difficult to rely on a rewriting tool for the complete rewording process, Papers Owl has designed a tool for you. This tool will only suggest words that you can replace with the original terms.

It means that you need to rephrase manually using this tool. When you will insert the text, it will analyze the text and underline the words that can be replaced. You can get the suggested words by clicking on those words.

In this way, you can say that you have completed the process manually. Also, you will get comfortable because you will know what you have written.


  • Smooth and fast working
  • Simple interface
  • Manual interference helps in learning


  • Takes much time
  • No side-by-side preview
  • No extra tools
Paraphrasing Tool by Papers Owl

10. Paraphrasing Tool by Neural Writer

If you want to reword a long-form blog, this tool is the best choice for you. It is because you will get a limit of 10,000 words in a single turn.

In simple words, you can even paste a complete paper into this tool and get it rewritten with new words. Moreover, this tool has a simple interface that will make it easy for you to use it.

After paraphrasing, it will highlight all those sections that it has replaced with the originals. So, you will find it easy to have a look at both text copies and compare them.


Extensive word limit
No login required
Support up to 10 languages


Low uniqueness
Changes the core meanings sometimes

Paraphrasing Tool by Neural Writer

Final Verdict

With the above discussion, you must have got an idea why these tools are best. Also, you have got an idea about the benefits and drawbacks of every tool.

It is now up to you which tool you want to choose for your task. But it is recommended to choose the one with maximum features so you will not need to worry about limitations.

Additionally, it will help you in getting better outcomes and get ready to publish the content wherever you want.