Referrizer Overview

Referrizer is a marketing automation tool for your business interests. Maintain & boost your reputation with their management solutions. Protect & sanctify your reviews by ensuring that solely authentic existing subscribed customers can post their feedback. Say bye to spammers & malicious phoney reviewers. Smart features arrest poor reviews escaping & contaminating your online workspace. Engage, connect, convert & retain as many customers as feasible. With their tracking ID assignment to each inbound sales opportunity, transform these into actionable contacts. Now follow them up & monitor progress with automated SMS to entice them. Supercharge revenue streams & create channels for ROI with their advanced text messaging platform to remind estranged customers what they’re missing out on!

Personalise each communication with an interactive platter of specific details pertinent to each recipient. Recognise loyalty by acknowledging their purchase history & recent correspondence. With bidirectional marketing, abide by TCPA rules with direct messaging & promote products or services to inactive customers. Reach distant people even on sluggish days to revitalise footfall rates. Exclusive offers target veteran customers to cajole them to return, whilst responsive mobile ergonomic landing pages reinforce persuasion & appeal to browse your site. SEO & adword campaigns augment such effects. Lure customers with free WiFi & their agency cum consulting services design & maintain your merchandising.

Email & referrals, along with widgets assist with lead generation, tapping customers & grabbing their much needed attention. Integrate contact info from the CRM with various useful apps to synchronise your efforts. However, there’s a flip side to Referrizer too, beginning with their email interface. Its rigid & skeletal functionality means that one cannot resume, modify or pause a current campaign. This mandates restarting the entire process from scratch, which is time expending. Landing pages are glitchy, as are their loyalty programmes. Certain OS environments are incompatible with the integrations & when you require their support, they appear invisible. With the last point, I’d strongly recommend not to opt for Referrizer (although this appears to be an isolated instance). Why not try their free package to gauge their performance for yourself?

Referrizer Features

  • Contact database
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Engagement
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Referral Tracking
  • Rewards Management


Available on: Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $399.00 /month

  • Trail Days: 23days