HubSpot Marketing Hub Overview

Hubspot’s marketing automation workflow tool can save you time & money for your engagement campaigns. Funnel conversions & nurture leads with their generation options. Build customised emails to entice customers & use condition based triggered actions to execute at the right time. Integrations can help to grow & replenish your clientele. Visualise & personalise progress with advanced segmentation logic to observe time & individual linked trends. Then link this to your CRM for optimal data utilisation.

Automate tasks to establish webhooks, rate & shuffle leads plus deploy data management by updating properties or copying values. Send internal notifications FAO your sales teams to follow up any warm leads, depending on their actions. Publish content optimised blogs with better search result parameters, consistent formatting & faster creation. Benefit from device adjusted landing pages which fit almost anywhere, for optimal viewing any time. Email templates with A/B testing to gauge & improve reading rates & clickthroughs. Offer tailored offers & incentives to customers to achieve scaled outreach. Analytic reports empower you with statistical data, using multi touch revenue attribution. Now you’ll know exactly what works & doesn’t. Partitioning activates access control to ensure data integrity & security with privacy.

What’s more, their social media conversation tracker enables effective time posting. The SEO feature boosts your search result authority to raise your ROI. Calls to action & ads performance monitors measure activity to maximise efficiency. Combine all of this with Salesforce & you have a winning comprehensive platform that churns out data, brings results & presents the productive yield.

When reviewing the disadvantages of using Hubspot, a few things emerge. Firstly, simple omissions or restrictions, such as being unable to resend an email which is outside a workflow or limitations on survey numbers. Furthermore, the email template builder has its flaws, creating scrambled layouts & data. Moreover, users report being unable to tag people in posts, attach items or filter uploading content times to be unified or separate. This becomes arduous to handle, wasting time.

Therefore, despite the major advantages, there are concerning issues which can interfere with the functioning of your business. Ironically, the time saving features appear to be offset by the unnecessary repetitive tasks, mandated by the gaps in their infrastructure. You could try their free version, however naturally this will have limited functionality, hence the real issues may still be concealed.

Hubspot Marketing Hub Faq

What is HubSpot Marketing Hub used for?

With Marketing Hub, you have access to a powerful platform for marketing tools and data. You’ll save valuable time by having all your information in one place so that it’s easy to use without sacrificing the context needed when providing personalized experiences which attracts customers more effectively.

Is HubSpot Marketing Hub free to use?

With HubSpot’s free tools. You can add 1,000,000 contacts, unlimited free users, and your free access has no time limit. The premium version has additional features which start from 45$ per month.

What is the best HubSpot Marketing Hub Alternatives?

Terminus ABM platform
Act on 
Get Response

What are the main features of HubSpot Marketing Hub?

Features Of Hubspot marketing:

Email Marketing
Building and Personalizing Emails
Sending Outbound Emails
Manage Email Deliverability
Online Marketing
Landing Pages 
Lead Management
Marketing Lead Database
Data Quality Management
Online Behavior Tracking

Why should I use HubSpot Marketing Hub?

One of the most popular marketing platforms out there is HubSpot. The inbound method they offer helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers with ease all without you having to lift a finger!

HubSpot Marketing Hub Features

  • A/B testing of email & landing pages
  • Analytics
  • As-you-type SEO advice
  • Business blogging
  • CRM integration
  • CTA reporting
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign planning
  • Click-through tracking
  • Contact database
  • Content creation & repository
  • Email templates
  • Event-triggered email
  • Full-funnel Analytics
  • Keyword tracking
  • Landing page templates
  • Lead analytics dashboard
  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Market segmentation
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing channel analytics


Available on: Free, Free Trail, Subscription
  • Starting Price: $50.00/month

  • Trail Days: 7 Days