Top Project Management Tools [Free + Premium]

By Dhwani Madan | Project Management

Businesses need project management tools/software for many reasons. First, it ensures that projects are done on time and within budget – which means more money in your pocket! And second, no one likes an overcharge or underperformance so you can’t go wrong with this kind of peace of mind either way! There’s no doubt that project management is a vital part of any organization. The right tools can be the difference between success and failure, but not every company has access to these expensive utilities or knows how they work!

A business’s success depends on many factors including its ability to stay organized. Staying organized will help them be more productive, address issues faster, and implement changes with less time wasted in between steps of the process. The more organized and efficient your business is, the better off it will be. The best way to achieve this goal is by using project management tools that help company managers stay on top of everything with ease-of-use features like intuitive workflows for tasks at hand as well as historical tracking information about each task’s progress over time.

What are project management tools?

Project management software helps managers control their costs and hit deadlines. It also provides a way for people to deliver on projects they’ve committed to, as well as helping them track whether or not they’re paid within the right amount of time.

Projects have become more complicated over recent years with many different stakeholders involved in various stages -which makes it difficult if not impossible at times then just challenging enough! And yet this is precisely what project managers are expected to do and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Why use Project management tools and what are the tools in trend for the year 2021-22

Uniting your team and preparing them to work as a unit is integral not only for the success of projects but also so that you may be more successful. However, without proper project management software- especially one with all of these great features -you might find yourself doubling efforts instead or optimizing what’s happening on any given day thanks sheets running over each other along inboxes overflowing from emails sent out weeks ago (or even longer!). You can get ahead by having everything at hand when it matters most managing resources strategically based on data gathered throughout the entire collaboration history.

In order to decide on which project management software is right for you, it’s important that the system has all of your needs in mind. The changing times call for a new way of doing things. While there are many tools that can help businesses stay afloat and grow, you’ll want one with the right features to meet your needs in 2021 – especially if they’re complex or ever-changing! With these top picks at hand, we think it’s safe to bet business owners will be able to navigate any project challenges ahead without too much trouble.

1. TeamWork

Teamwork makes it easy to work with colleagues and other stakeholders. It’s a seamless process, as you can use unifying frameworks that will keep everyone on the same page while they help achieve your goals for the company! This is great because working together means we are better equipped when tackling new challenges or tasks at hand- whether it’s onboarding projects or campaign procedures.


With teamwork, you can keep a team in check by creating accurate records and logs to follow up with triggered notifications as well as useful reminders. Utilize the dashboard feature for deadlines that need meetings or resources allocated efficiently across every member of your group so they take responsibility teamwork has got everything covered here.


A flexible reporting system with customizable data collection, archiving and retention capabilities is a great advantage for business professionals.  An overtime tracking feature also helps managers keep track of their team’s hours worked in combination with the ability to manage multiple projects from one place!


The lack of information sharing across teams is one of the drawbacks to teamwork software. In addition, files are not linked from cloud storage drives which creates problems for collaboration in an enterprise setting.

2. Zenkit

Zenkit is a collaborative SaaS platform for project management, database building, and more. It’s the flexible workspace you can use to organize anything from your home, office, or even on vacation. Zenkit lets users view their data in multiple intuitive ways so they may gain deeper insight into each of these projects that are important to them. From recipe planning all the way through developing CRM systems with automated reports – there isn’t anything this tool doesn’t offer when it comes time to manage something at work. 



Zenkit’s data management features are designed to allow you the freedom and flexibility necessary for a limitless workflow. Whether it’s sharing or exporting your information, Zen kit ensures that all records remain in their original state with integrity intact from start to finish ensuring nothing gets lost along the way.


The Zenkit dashboard lacks the features to keep track of your milestones and recurring tasks. It also has a lack of native integrations, which makes it more difficult for users to use

3. TeamGantt

TeamGantt is a cloud-based Gantt chart and project planning solution for small, midsize, or large enterprises. It offers features such as collaborative project management tools which include time tracking, file sharing & communication between employees who are working on different tasks at once in the same platform. The drag and drop functionalities allow users to create new items from individual days within their calendar interface so they may see what each team member has been assigned/worked with during that specific period of the workday before deciding how many hours should go into these various assignments. 



TeamGantt is software that centralizes all your reports and dashboards. This makes it easier to monitor progress, while also helping you share ideas with others in the company who might not be as aware of what’s happening or how things could improve upon them


The system’s task distribution matrix is complex to use and understand. Lack of integrations, as well as difficulty in sharing reports, can sometimes be an issue for teams

4. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is a cloud-based project management and time tracking software that caters to companies of all sizes. It includes every important feature you would find in any traditional solution with the addition of task management, timesheets (for billing), templates – even notifications & alerts! Key features include: Dashboard displays graphical summaries for ongoing projects; Collaboration lets multiple people work simultaneously on different tasks aligning their availability tools too. The collaborative function also gives managers visibility.



Proworkflow has several tools that will help you manage your business more efficiently.  One way it can be done is by capturing bugs and issues in the process, automating certain tasks with bots like CRMCalendar management campaign automation, all while maintaining privacy. 


Invoicing and quoting solutions are elementary, but the specific analysis would require the individual’s input. Integrations are a drawback of because it has limited features for different industries or types of projects without any option to customize them yourself as needed in some cases.

5. Wrike

When it comes to project management, Wrike is the best in class. The cloud-based software offers a variety of features that can be used by any size company – from large enterprises all the way down through small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It provides remote work opportunities for teams across various sectors like IT departments without having them relocate their workspace remotely which means more efficiency when managing projects with many stakeholders involved at different locations worldwide. The tool also supports Gantt charts so you know exactly how much work needs to be done everyday resource schedules allowing relevant personnel responsible right away if they’re not available during certain hours because this system uses real-time updates instead.


Asset Sharing, Assignment management, and Audit Trail are all benefits to using Wrike. With automated scheduling, you won’t have to worry about forgetting any deadlines or projects


It is difficult to find an easy way for smaller setups and it suffers from lags in integrated-based notifications. You cannot edit default filters which wastes valuable time when completing tasks, hindering navigation

6. Claritask

With Claritask, you can create and organize tasks on a centralized platform. Administrators can assign the same task to multiple team members or reschedule projects using a drag-and-drop interface! The calendar allows organizations to manage workspaces for different types of work in one place – it also gives managers visibility into deadlines coming up on their assigned projects right away so they know what needs attention now before anything gets missed. Supervisors are able to comment on specific items that need extra discussion with individual employees as well as create subtasks if needed; no further action is required unless there’s an update about changes made while viewing progress through this tool’s real-time notifications feature.


Collaboration tools have been a constant in the workplace for years. From reports and analytics to task management, these services make it easier than ever before to stay on top of everything with timely information at your fingertips.


It can take time-consuming steps when all you really want is information. The interface has too many options which may be overwhelming if not used regularly.

7. Stackby

The Stackby task management solution helps businesses and their teams create workflows, collaborate with each other using built-in integrations, templates to organize operations. Supervisors can build custom forms that are embedded within corporate websites according to the requirements they want them to! This software also allows administrators to upload data from existing files in CSV or XLS format onto an online database which makes spreadsheets customizable for any use imaginable – even editing core functions like adding new rows/columns. 


KPI monitoring, kanban boards, and knowledge management all come together in one tool. It’s the perfect way for any company looking to improve their marketing efforts by getting an insight into who is converting on what.


It automatically ‘locks’ data, albeit input accidentally. Security & privacy integrity features could be reinforced, as gaps have been detected

8. Worksection

Worksection is your solution for project management, across the board. It offers tools that will help you plan and control projects with ease while also providing a flexible interface so it can meet any need on an as-needed basis! This software boasts multilayered security features to protect both data within individual programs or stored onto company servers; privacy measures make sure nobody else has access but those who should be keeping everything safe from hackers looking at sensitive information  With prompt customer support response times & mobile device compatibility, this is an ergonomic package worth considering.


Time & Expense Tracking, Customizable Templates Reporting/Analytics Agile Methodologies, To-Do List, Recurring Task Management, Email integration are pros with Worksection.


  • Important notifications can be delayed 
  • Limited compatibility with certain mobile devices

9. Trello

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that helps teams plan, track, and complete their projects. Trello has been used to great success in software development as it can also be helpful for marketing teams planning out new campaigns or salespeople setting up meetings with clients. The web-based solution provides tools such as defining your project requirements (tasks/actions), workflow management system which ensures each task gets carried out on time according to the defined priorities of this board–Trello makes sure everything stays organized.


The best part about Trello is that you can collaborate with others, share files for the group’s benefit and track each team member’s progress. The tool also has an intuitive interface which makes creating a list or updating an existing one easy


Trello is a great tool for small projects, but it struggles with larger endeavors. For example, you cannot review possible changes in your plan or iterations of the work that has already been done this can be risky when putting together large scale tasks like building an app from scratch

10. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large enterprises manage projects, data visualization, and diagramming processes. The centralized platform enables users to create visual diagrams of business processes with ease while providing them the opportunity for quick implementation through sharing process maps or creating custom templates as well. Key features include importing information from various sources like Excel files into your own personalized account where you can then edit it accordingly mapping out how different tasks are connected within each stage so everyone understands what needs to be done next.


It allows the whole enterprise to see how each process interacts with other departments. It also points out areas for improvement between these individual tasks, making this tool invaluable in everyday business operations and team-building processes alike.


Some features are time-consuming and require energy, but documentation is great. The licensing model could be more friendly for small companies or people who use it as backup/auxiliary software only

11. Asana

Asana is a powerful tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. With Asana’s easy-to-use tools and features like collaborate easily across locations or industries with real-time updates; it has never been easier for any organization looking at how they can improve business processes by using this platform in order to achieve more goals within less time! More than 100 thousand paying organizations around the world rely on Asana each day managing everything from company objectives right down into digital transformation projects which means there must be something here worth checking out so why not give them all your attention?


Asana is a great software that makes task management more joyful than other competitors. It has an intuitive interface with listings and timelines to help you navigate through your activities.


  • You can’t assign to more than one person
  • No easy switching of views
  • Absent time tracking and limited exporting/importing functionality are cons for Asana.

12. Deltek

Deltek is a cloud-based agency management system that provides the way to manage projects, control budgets, and store documents. It’s built for advertising agencies, marketing firms, or graphic designers with their work schedules who need time tracking capabilities in one click as well so they can centralize communications by sharing files between themselves while monitoring profitability too!.

The new Deltek integrates all aspects of running an enterprise which includes creating tasks & project plans; scheduling resources like workers/artists etc.; capturing performance data. 


With Deltek you can manage your budgeting needs with ease while effortlessly reviewing reports from materials management or time expense accounts; all within one dashboard!


It is not always so friendly and does have a limited ability to change the screen size. In addition, this program may not be ideal for companies that only require specific modules since all of them are included in the software

13. Marketcircle

Marketcircle is a CRM for Macs & iOS that helps you manage more clients, close more deals, and finish projects. It’s great if your business specializes in professional services or design/creative agencies with 1-100 users; it also works well at wholesale companies who need to keep track of communication between employees on different tasks so they can stay up-to-date about what needs finishing next. 

Marketcircle features include: tracking the status of each deal done by reviewing past interactions with customers by keeping notes like phone calls made, email responses sent out, etc.


Marketcircle is the best way to manage your clients and projects. They’re so accurate with their time management that you’ll have no problem keeping track of everything.


If you’re looking to start your own business and have been taking the necessary steps, some common worries could hold up progress. One of these is database errors which create downtimes for users as well as an Export/Migration process that might be difficult at first glance

14. Celoxis

With Celoxis, you can manage all aspects of your project portfolio from one place. The system is comprehensive and flexible enough for businesses with any size or complexity needs! With features such as advanced scheduling that takes into account real-world conditions like resource time off every day, this program will help keep projects on track without sacrificing efficiency.

Celoxis delivers everything an organization requires to meet its goals – it has been designed specifically keeping today’s business environment in mind so we know what works best when managing diverse portfolios ranging anywhere between small startups right through our largest corporations.


Celoxis is a powerful cloud-based email system that offers seamless integrations with Excel and Outlook. It also has the option of onsite or off-site deployment, as well as customizable functionality to meet each business need all at an affordable price


The user interface can be complex, so users find reports difficult. Some do not like that it’s not feature-rich and finds its functionality limited when compared to other programs in this category.


With the changing times, it’s important to stay up-to-date with what tools will best suit your needs. Businesses are now more than ever in need of robust reporting software and invoicing systems that can keep track of every project from start to finish and not just one or two aspects at a time.

We hope the list of top project management tools above will help you in your quest for efficiency and effectiveness.